Dolton Child Injury Lawyer

Parents do everything to protect their children’s health and well-being, so it is especially devastating to see them suffer any kind of serious injury. Parents can take every step to ensure their kids are safe, but someone’s negligence can still cause severe and lasting harm.

When an individual’s careless actions hurt your child, you have the right to sue them and hold them accountable with a reliable personal injury attorney. It is especially infuriating when a caregiver or other person you trust is responsible for the accident. Call a Dolton child injury lawyer to schedule a meeting for more information.

Some of the Most Common Child Injury Claims

An accident can occur for many reasons and cause harm to children, and sometimes nobody is at fault. However, when another person is responsible, there may be an opening for a lawsuit. Some of the most common causes of lawsuits and child injury claims include the following:

A serious accident can be traumatic for kids, leaving them with severe physical, psychological, and emotional injuries. A Dolton child injury attorney could investigate and find the cause of the accident and the at-fault party.

Damages After Child Injury Accidents

If the lawsuit’s evidence sufficiently proves the defendant is at-fault for the accident that led to children suffering injuries, the court will award compensation to cover the losses. The judge and jury will consider the full extent of the injuries and the liable party’s negligence. They will also consider the accident’s impact on the minor’s future.

The plaintiff could recover medical expenses and future care, lost pay, and pain and suffering in civil claims of child injury.

Other damages include losing the enjoyment of life, permanent scarring and disfigurement, prescriptions and medical devices, and physical and psychological therapy. If the parents suffer losses, they might also be eligible to collect an award to cover those damages.

The Statute of Limitations in Child Injury Cases

The statute of limitations is a crucial regulation that anyone filing a claim under a personal injury suit must be aware of. It sets a strict court-enforced time limit for filing the lawsuit in court. For claims involving children, the regulations differ slightly.

According to the 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 5/13-202, the plaintiff must file an action for a settlement to cover damages within two years from the cause of the injuries. However, when children sustain injuries because of negligence, the clock does not start until they turn 18. The statute will begin on their 18th birthday and expire when they turn 20.

If parents or guardians of the minor intend to file a civil action to collect their losses, the time begins running the day the accident occurs and the child sustains injuries. A child injury lawyer in Dolton could review the applicable statutes during the consultation and handle the legal work on the plaintiff’s behalf.

Meet With a Skilled Dolton Child Injury Attorney

Watching your child suffer after an accident leading to severe injuries is heartbreaking. When a person’s negligence causes harm to children, you have the right to ask the court to hold them financially accountable.

A settlement could cover the costs of medical care they need to recover, among other losses. Call a qualified Dolton child injury lawyer if you have questions or wish begin filing suit on behalf of your child.