Dolton Premises Liability Lawyer

When an accident occurs on another person’s property, an experienced Dolton premises liability lawyer may be able to hold the property owner or management liable for any damages that visitors suffer as a result. If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to another entity’s irresponsible or negligent property management, a dedicated personal injury attorney could help you pursue the compensation you deserve and fight to achieve a positive result from your claim.

Classification of Property Visitors in Dolton

In premises liability cases, the court’s determination of whether a property owner acted in a reasonable manner to maintain their property for visitors depends on the type of visitor on their land. For the purposes of these cases, there are three possible classifications for visitors on private property: invitees, licensees, and trespassers.


These individuals are invited on the premise by the owner or manager. Those who visit retail stores or entertainment venues are textbook examples of invitees into a business. Property owners are required to warn invitees of known defects and hazards on the premises -such as setting up a sign to warn of spilled liquid and prevent slip and falls. A skilled Dolton premises liability attorney could analyze the circumstances of a particular accident and help determine whether the property owner or manager acted negligently in upkeeping their property. If so, they could work to pursue appropriate damages from that liable party.


Licensees are individuals who are allowed on private property with the owner’s consent—for example, repair technicians, plumbers, and delivery people. Premise owners are also required to let licensees know of any dangers and to repair any hazards within a reasonable time frame.


Trespassers are individuals who are present on a property owner’s premises without that owner’s consent. Although a property owner has a duty to protect other types of visitors, they do not need to maintain upkeep on their property for a trespasser’s benefit, nor do they typically have an obligation to protect trespassers. However, if a property owner is aware a trespasser is present, they have a duty to exercise reasonable care for that trespasser’s safety.

Factors Considered in Dolton Premises Liability Cases

While Illinois property owners are not required to keep their premises in perfect shape, the courts may generally consider whether the property owner:

  • Conducted frequent inspections of the property and anticipate potential hazards
  • Provided proper warning to guests and consumers of any known hazards
  • Made repairs to any dangers within a reasonable timeframe
  • Take steps to ward off foreseeable dangers or prevent known hazards from redeveloping

In order to receive compensation for an injury at a business or other private property, the injured party or their attorney must prove the property owner or management acted recklessly or negligently in maintaining their property.

Courts typically focus on whether a property owner should anticipate unintended but expected uses of their property. For instance, a court may analyze whether the owner of a private playground should expect kids to trespass and use the equipment without supervision or explicit permission. For more information about how a property owner could be liable for damages, speak to a knowledgeable attorney in Dolton.

Recoverable Damages

Those injured on another person or entities property may be eligible to recoup a variety of damages. For example, individuals may be able to recover for economic damages like lost wages, present and future medical bills, and rehabilitation costs.

Injured individuals may also be eligible to recover compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering or loss of ability to pursue career or educational goals. A seasoned premises liability lawyer in Dolton could investigate the circumstances of a specific accident and determine exactly what type of damages an injured individual may be able to recover.

Consult an Experienced Dolton Premises Liability Attorney

Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, a seasoned Dolton premises liability lawyer could help you seek justice for your injuries. Call today to learn about all your legal options and how you may be able to recoup compensation for your accident.