Dolton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Most employees in Illinois are eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits after an accident on the job. The laws allow workers to collect the benefits regardless of who is at fault and the companies must carry insurance to pay the compensation when needed.

However, being eligible does not mean it is a simple or quick process to collect after an injury or accident on the job. Therefore, many rely on the help of a qualified Dolton workers’ compensation lawyer to help them navigate the system and avoid delays. Contact a seasoned personal injury attorney to learn what you need to do.

Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Most Illinois resident employees have workers’ compensation coverage. However, some exceptions exist under the 820 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 305. Ineligible workers include federal and state workers with access to federal and state benefits and volunteers.

Many sales positions are also ineligible, including real estate, brokers, and those who work on commission-based salaries. Even when workers think they do not qualify to collect benefits, they should speak to a Dolton workers’ compensation attorney to verify after sustaining injuries while completing job duties.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Benefits that are provided under the Workers’ Compensation Act include:

  • Medical care and expenses and choosing preferred healthcare providers
  • Temporary and partial permanent disability benefits
  • Permanent total disability
  • Lost wages
  • Vocational training if they cannot return to the same position they held before the accident
  • Survivor benefits for fatal accidents while completing job duties

Workers must remember that receiving a denial does not mean they are not eligible to collect benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act. There could be errors in the paperwork for data and the law allows all injured employees to appeal denials.

The Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

An eligible worker must follow the correct procedure after suffering work-related injuries to avoid accidental denials and unnecessary delays. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Dolton could help navigate the challenging process and take over if any problems arise. The vital steps to take after an accident include:

  • Seek treatment from a healthcare professional immediately
  • Notify the employer of the accident and injuries
  • Notify the employer of work restrictions
  • File the claim for benefits
  • Follow the doctor’s treatment plan

After seeking care and filing for benefits, an independent medical examination, treatment dispute resolution, or negotiation of benefits may be necessary. When disputes or problems arise, reaching out for the help and guidance of a workers’ comp lawyer would provide many advantages.

Employer’s Workers Comp Obligations

Employers must provide workers’ compensation benefits to all team members and the legislation prohibits them from charging employees to cover premiums. They must also post notice of the process for collecting the benefits in the workplace with policy information like the company policy number. A business will face legal consequences if they harass or dismiss workers from collecting the benefits after an accident or illness on the job.

Meet With a Skilled Dolton Workers’ Compensation Attorney

An injury or illness on the job that leaves you unable to work is always stressful. However, most workers in Illinois are eligible for benefits to pay for healthcare and assist them while they recover.

If you sustained injuries on the job, reaching out to a Dolton workers’ compensation lawyer is the most efficient way to ensure you get the full coverage available and avoid delays. Call today to schedule a consultation if you need help with a claim for benefits.