Evergreen Park Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Car accidents occur every day for a myriad of reasons. Motor vehicle crashes could occur anywhere even in a parking lot. Thousands of negligent motorists cause vehicle accidents in Illinois parking lots every day. Individuals could sustain serious injuries and damage due to a collision.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to a negligent motorist, you may have legal recourse. An Evergreen Park parking lot accident lawyer could help you hold a reckless motor vehicle driver accountable for their negligence. With the help of a skilled car accident attorney, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries.

Common Types of Injuries

There are many reasons a parking lot accident may occur. Parking lot accidents could occur even if motor vehicles are moving at relatively low speeds. A collision could cause an individual to sustain serious injuries such as:

A skilled Evergreen Park parking lot accident lawyer could calculate the injured claimant’s damages and help them recover compensation that covers the full value of their injuries.

Understanding the Right of Way

An important concept to understand in a parking lot accident is the right of way. The right of way dictates which vehicles have priority when it comes to driving in a particular space. For example, pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks. When it comes to vehicles, cars in the aisles or thoroughfares of a parking lot have the right of way compared to vehicles pulling out of parking spots. An experienced Evergreen Park parking lot accident attorney could investigate the crash and determine whether your vehicle had the right of way.

There are a variety of factors involved in determining the responsible party in an Evergreen Park parking lot accident. While no two accidents are the same, some common circumstances occur in a large number of parking lot accidents. These include:

  • Thoroughfare collisions – A vehicle that is in motion in an aisle or thoroughfare of a parking lot as the right of way. A car entering the road from a parking spot or public street could be liable for striking the vehicle established in the thoroughfare.
  • Pedestrian crosswalks – Pedestrians always have the right of way in a crosswalk, and a negligent driver may be responsible for any injuries a pedestrian suffers in a collision.
  • Parked cars – Liability involving parked vehicles can be complex. While a driver that strikes a parked car is often held responsible, there are some cases where vehicles that are parked illegally are found to be responsible.
  • Shopping carts – While many parking lot owners post signs disclaiming any liability from damage from loose shopping carts, the lot owner could still be held liable. If the parking lot owner fails to collect or manage the shopping carts properly, a dedicated Evergreen Park parking lot accident attorney might be able to hold them responsible.

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If you suffered damages or bodily injury in a parking lot accident, let an Evergreen Park parking lot lawyer take the stress off your shoulders. They could handle the legal elements of your case while you focus on your recovery.

A knowledgeable car accident attorney could help you seek the compensation you need for your damages. Call today to schedule a consultation.