Crosswalk Laws in Cicero

Those who enjoy walking or jogging around town should also enjoy a level of safety when crossing the street. There are a number of crosswalk laws in Cicero that are meant to keep everyone safe, and should be followed by drivers as well. A diligent pedestrian accident lawyer could also provide counsel if you were hurt in a crash.

How Are Crosswalks Regulated in Cicero?

Only a municipality can create a crosswalk on a municipal road. Most municipalities will undertake traffic studies to determine the best location for crosswalks. The main regulation is that a pedestrian in the crosswalk has the right-of way over a vehicle. If a pedestrian in Cicero is struck by a motor vehicle while in the crosswalk, it is likely that there will be a financial recovery for any injuries sustained.

Crosswalks tend to be more common in urban areas and less common in rural areas where there is less traffic. Municipalities will engage with traffic consultants to determine where to place the crosswalks after careful study. They should optimize its safety for cars as well as pedestrians.

Rules for Pedestrians in Crosswalks

Although pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk, this does not mean that they can simply step off the sidewalk in front of a moving vehicle. Failure to follow the law could result in the defendant’s insurance company claiming that the plaintiff was predominantly at fault. For a crosswalk which does not contain traffic regulating devices, the person must not start walking until it is safe to do so, which requires their own discretion.

Rules for Drivers

When approaching a crosswalk, a driver should slow down and exercise reasonable care to see if there are any pedestrians about to enter the street. While a driver has the right to assume that someone will not walk in front of them as they are driving through a crosswalk, it is still important to maintain a lookout any time they approach one. If there is an individual in the crosswalk, they will have the right of way and the motor vehicle will be required to yield.

Because there is a heightened responsibility when a car approaches a crosswalk, many drivers will slow down and be particularly vigilant for pedestrians. Others may see a pedestrian approaching a crosswalk and speed up so they cross the intersection prior to the person. People who are crossing the road should be aware of this potential behavior.

What Are Some Ways That Accidents Occur at Crosswalks?

Some common accident scenarios include when the driver is stopped at a red-light and proceeds to turn right. Often, the driver is paying attention to oncoming traffic and may not see the pedestrian directly in front of them. Another common accident occurs when a vehicle takes a left-hand turn and strikes the person. For similar reasons, a driver will have their attention distracted by looking at oncoming traffic, and in so doing, does not realize there is someone in the crosswalk. Finally, some drivers will attempt to run the red light so that they will not be stopped at an intersection. If a person walks into the crosswalk too early, there is a chance that a driver might hit them.

Pedestrian Liability

The existence of a crosswalk can have an important impact on a lawsuit. If there is a crosswalk in a reasonable location, a walker or jogger is required to use it. If there is no crosswalk, a pedestrian must exercise reasonable care when crossing the street. If they are hit outside of the crosswalk, it is difficult to place fault on the driver.

An accident could be the combination of fault of both parties. Some common scenarios where pedestrians are found to be partially responsible include those where they dart out from the side of the road with little or any warning or when they cross outside of the crosswalk. If a pedestrian is otherwise not following the crosswalk laws in Cicero, they may be found contributorily negligent and receive a reduced recovery or none at all.

Discuss Crosswalk Laws in Cicero with an Attorney

Crosswalks are implemented for your benefit. Both pedestrians and drivers are able to use them as a signal to be cautious when crossing the street, and should always approach them with caution. Reach out to a lawyer to discuss the impact of crosswalk laws in Cicero and how it might affect your case.