Pedestrians Frequently Involved in Cicero Accidents

Pedestrian accidents differ significantly from collisions involving two cars. People are often crossing at an intersection and many drivers do not see them, leading to a particularly dangerous situation. There are a few types of pedestrians frequently involved in Cicero accidents and they should take extra precautions. A seasoned pedestrian accident attorney is available if you were injured and wish to recover damages.

Accidents Involving Children

Children are involved in a disproportionately high number of pedestrian accidents. First, children are more difficult to see, and drivers sometimes do not recognize that a child is present. Also, children tend not to exercise the same level of care and caution as adults. Depending on the age and maturity of the child, there may be a higher likelihood that the child does not pay attention to the motor vehicle traffic or appreciate the extent of the danger.

If they run into the road and is struck, these are sometimes called “child dart-out” cases. Oftentimes, there is no opportunity for the car to stop.

What is the Liability When Children Are Involved?

Accidents involving child pedestrians can happen at any location, although the ones that happen at intersections and crosswalks are often the fault of the driver. If the child runs out into the middle of the road, outside of the crosswalk, it is usually the fault of the child. However, it is important to consult with an attorney anytime this occurs. A proper investigation might lead to the conclusion that the driver was actually at fault for failing to pay attention.

Even if the child is accompanied by an adult, they can be unpredictable and run out to the street. It is still important to prove fault but it can be more difficult. Additionally, pedestrian accidents which involve children tend to result in some different injuries than with other pedestrians, due to their size and weight.

Elderly Persons

There are several factors that make it more likely an elderly person will be struck by a car. Sometimes older individuals do not pay as close attention and their reaction time decreases with age. They often walk at a slower rate, meaning they might not make it across the street in time for the traffic light to change. An elderly person may not be able to cross in the crosswalk at the same rate as someone who is younger, which means they will be vulnerable if the driver is not paying attention and hits the gas the moment the light turns. If the elderly pedestrian fails to exercise reasonable care for their own safety, they would be at fault if it leads to an accident. Because they often lack mobility, elderly pedestrians are frequently involved in local accidents.

Tourists or Visitors in Cicero

If there is an attraction which gathers many tourists, it increases the likelihood of a pedestrian being struck by a car, especially if there are many people milling about, pulling the driver’s attention in many different directions. As a result, a pedestrian from out-of-state being in an accident can occur in Cicero.

Tourists may not be familiar with the traffic patterns or geography of the area, which might make them more vulnerable to being struck by a motor vehicle. Finally, any tourist attraction or event tends to draw people’s attention away from the road. If a tourist is paying attention to the attraction and not his or her own safety, crashes are more likely. The roads near hotels will also have a higher chance of having people who do not know the details of Cicero’s traffic.

How Should a Tourist Report an Accident?

Someone from out-of-town who is injured in Cicero should still file a police report so that there is a record of the accident, their injuries, and contact information that is necessary to initiate a lawsuit.

If their home is in another state or another country, it is essential that they hire an attorney who practices law at the location of the accident. An attorney near their home is likely not going to be licensed in the same state as where the accident occurred. By hiring a lawyer in Illinois, they will be assured that the lawyer is familiar with the process for that particular state.

Speak with an Attorney About Pedestrian Who Are Often in Cicero Accidents

Children, the elderly, and tourists have a higher likelihood of being struck by a car. However, anyone is at risk of this event. Call a lawyer today and learn more about pedestrian frequently involved in Cicero accidents.