Collecting Evidence in a Cicero Pedestrian Accident

If you are planning on filing a lawsuit for damages after being struck by a car, one of the most important things you need to do is ensure you can prove liability. Collecting evidence in a Cicero pedestrian accident is difficult. It is best to work with a committed pedestrian accident attorney to accomplish this.

Collecting Driver’s Information

If someone is involved in a pedestrian accident, they should contact the police to write up a report. However, it is also advisable for them to document personal identification from the person who caused their accident. This can include the make, model, and color of the car, and more importantly, a copy of the person’s driver’s license and insurance card.

They need to have proof that this driver was in the accident with them. While some people may be reluctant to share this information, it is advisable to request it at the scene, and the police can follow up.

What Other Evidence Should an Injured Pedestrian Collect?

At the scene of a pedestrian accident in Cicero, there are certain pieces of evidence that a person should secure which can be helpful in a subsequent claim. Most of these can be easily documented using a cell phone. Pictures should include the weather and visibility at the time of the accident, the offending vehicle, and the location of the vehicle after impact.

Any other evidence at the scene, such as skid marks or damage to the vehicle after striking the pedestrian, should also be photographed. This evidence will disappear and should be documented immediately. Finally, if there were any visible injuries, such as an abrasion, laceration, bruise, or worse, it is helpful to take a picture of that at the scene of the accident.

What if the Driver Flees the Scene?

The law requires a driver to stop, provide assistance, and wait for police to arrive if they get in an accident. If a motorist flees the scene after striking a pedestrian, this could be a crime. At that point, it is imperative that the driver is identified, since a claim will hinge on naming this person. Sometimes the plaintiff will be able to take a photo of the car before it leaves, or they will capture it on a dashcam. The police will make every attempt to identify the car as well as the driver but they are not always successful.

Drivers who flee the scene after hitting a pedestrian usually have additional legal problems that they are dealing with, which prompts them to leave before the police arrive. Fortunately, even if someone was injured as a pedestrian, their own car insurance can cover them under the uninsured motorist coverage. In a local pedestrian accident where the vehicle leaves and there is little evidence to collect, it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, so that their rights are protected.

Attorney Helps in Collecting Evidence

With a pedestrian, there is less physical evidence of an accident like there would be if there were two cars involved. The impact and direction of property damage on vehicles is important in determining how the accident occurred. This may be missing in a pedestrian accident. Also, pedestrians tend to suffer more serious injuries when they are struck by a car. In a multi-vehicle collision, the occupants of the vehicle are protected to a certain extent by the exterior of the vehicle.

Collect Evidence in a Cicero Pedestrian Accident with the Aid of an Attorney

You may be in too much pain to properly assess your situation after being hit by a motor vehicle. However, collecting evidence in a Cicero pedestrian accident is a fundamental component of making a successful claim. Call a lawyer as soon as possible for help.