Pedestrian Runner Accidents in Cicero

Not all pedestrian accidents occur when someone is crossing the street. They can also involve someone jogging or running. When someone is exercising in the vicinity of traffic, it is important to keep a proper lookout and be visible to the drivers on the road; failing to do so increases the odds of a pedestrian runner accident in Cicero. A dependable pedestrian accident attorney could provide further help when it comes to the legal fallout.

Measures for Runners to Take

It is important to always jog or run within areas which are designated for such activities and greatly reduce the risk of a collision. While it is not necessary to do so, Cicero has created areas designated for runners in order to protect them from pedestrian accidents.

It is less safe to jog or run at night because of decreased visibility. While there are safety devices runners use which help with visibility, they are still not as effective as running during the daytime. Some safety equipment which can be used while running at night includes reflective clothing and other attachable lights that allow them to be seen by cars.

Traffic Lights at Running Trails

Even if someone is running in a designated area, there still may be situations where the running trail crosses the path of a road with automobile traffic. At such intersections, it is common to have crosswalks and/or traffic control devices. A person still needs to pay attention while running on a trail which crosses the roadway designated for motor vehicle traffic, even if a light tells them to go. A traffic control device at one of these locations is no different than those which appear at intersections involving two roads.

It is also possible that there are no traffic safety devices because the municipality is not responsible for putting them on a running trail. However, a city like Cicero will frequently do so in order to prevent pedestrian runner accidents.

Risky Behaviors That Lead to a Crash

Runners and joggers cannot assume that every driver will see them or drive safely near them. The same driving behaviors which cause traffic accidents can also put runners at risk. These behaviors include exceeding the speed limit, driving recklessly, drinking while driving, or distracted driving.

While motorists must obey the rules of the road, runners must also act in certain ways for their own safety. Failure to use reasonable care while jogging or running can result in a pedestrian accident being declared the fault of the runner. Running in designated areas and/or as close to the side of the road as possible are both things which runners can do to lessen the likelihood of an accident. They should also jog in the direction of the traffic in their lane, rather than against it.

What to Do After Being Hit

Unlike an accident which involves two cars and property damage, a pedestrian accident involving a runner will not have as much opportunity for physical proof. Without a police report, it is always possible that the driver of the car could deny ever hitting the runner, which is why calling for help is a good idea.

Oftentimes, injuries may not be apparent at the scene and might take time to develop. For this reason, it is always advisable to be examined by a medical professional who could document potential issues like brain damage.

File a Lawsuit After a Pedestrian Runner Accident in Cicero

Many communities have specific zones for joggers to exercise without fear of an accident. If a motorist failed to proceed with caution around these areas and you get hurt as a result, call a lawyer to discuss your options. Pedestrian runner accidents in Cicero are serious and someone should be held accountable for any negligence that results in injury.