Safety and Preventative Measures in Cicero Pedestrian Accidents

Those who walk or jog near public roads will be at risk from oncoming cars whenever they enter the street. Fortunately, there are a number of safety and preventative measures that Cicero pedestrians can take to avoid accidents. To learn more about how best to avoid serious injury, speak with a trustworthy pedestrian accident attorney.

Safety Measures on the Road

Motorists must obey the rules of the road and be on the lookout for pedestrians. It is also important for a driver to anticipate when a pedestrian might do something which puts them both in danger.

While traffic laws obviously apply to motor vehicles, they also apply to pedestrians. If there is no sidewalk and a pedestrian is forced to walk on the roadway, they must do so as close to the edge of the road as possible. Additionally, they are required to walk in the same direction as the traffic in their lane. If there are no crosswalks present, a pedestrian must cross at a reasonably safe location, typically at an intersection. Just as the motor vehicle driver must maintain a proper lookout, a pedestrian also has the duty to avoid dangerous situations. If both parties take safety and preventative measures in Cicero seriously, the chance of a pedestrian accident goes down.

Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

A contributing factor to pedestrian accidents is often lack of visibility. There are various measures which a pedestrian can take to increase their visibility to other traffic. Wearing bright or reflective clothing and obeying all traffic regulations are important steps to take, which may minimize the odds of being struck by a motor vehicle.

Pedestrians must also be aware of their surroundings and look both ways prior to entering the roadway. If the pedestrian fails to act in a reasonably safe manner, and this is presented as evidence by the defendant, then the plaintiff might have their compensation reduced or eliminated entirely.

It is dangerous to walk on the roadway at night. Not only are individuals less visible than cars, but the darkness can also be a contributing factor. Wearing reflective clothing or carrying some sort of light can be helpful for drivers to see a person.

Where Are Pedestrian Crashes Most Prevalent?

Pedestrian accidents are more common in congested areas. Anywhere that there are numerous cars driving and people walking around, the possibility of an accident goes up. As a result, most pedestrian accidents occur at intersections. If traffic is heavy or there are many pedestrians around, extra care should be taken since it may be difficult to see or pay attention to everything that is happening. Failure to exercise reasonable care is negligence, so pedestrians in Cicero should prioritize safety and prevention to avoid an accident.

How Can Someone Stay Safe After a Crash?

After an accident, it is important to make sure that an injured individual relocates to a safe location away from traffic. Once safely removed from any particular hazard, someone should call the police so that there is a written report. If possible, they should take photographs of the scene to preserve as evidence.

It is important for someone walking or jogging outside to keep basic information on their person at all times. If they are struck by a vehicle and become incapacitated, emergency personnel need some basic information with which to determine medical history and emergency contacts. Having an emergency contact, as well as information about any particular health problems, can be important information following a pedestrian accident.

Speak to an Attorney About Safety and Preventative Measures in Cicero Pedestrian Crashes

There are many things you can do to keep safe when walking outside. A few simple changes could end up making the difference in avoiding a devastating accident. Talk to a lawyer about safety and preventative measures in Cicero pedestrian accidents.