Indianapolis Quadriplegia Injury Lawyer

Quadriplegia is the most serious form of paralyzing injury. Typically resulting from an impact to the head or neck, it involves the loss of sensation or motor control from your neck down. Given the significant costs associated with this, a dedicated catastrophic injury lawyer could hold the person that injured you accountable through legal action.

You are facing the immense challenges of paralysis, and a financial settlement could simplify your life and provide you with a measure of justice. These cases can be complex, making the support of an Indianapolis quadriplegia injury lawyer vital to your future.

How Paralysis Injuries Happen

Quadriplegia generally occurs as the result of an injury to the spinal cord. This bundle of nerves travels from the base of the skull to the lower back, and it serves the vital function of transmitting signals to and from the brain. When the cord is severed, those signals can no longer get through.A wheelchair sitting in an empty room

These injuries typically result from some kind of traumatic impact to the head, neck, or back, with the most common examples being collisions between cars, trucks, or other motor vehicles. The impact from these accidents is often enough to damage the spinal cord. Other examples include:

  • Serious falls
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Workplace injuries
  • Sports injuries

Whether or not these incidents result in a viable case for compensation depends on if there is evidence of negligence, which occurs when the careless or reckless acts of another person result in an injury. An Indianapolis quadriplegia injury attorney could investigate an incident to determine if there is a viable case that another party was negligent.

Potential Damages

There are significant financial costs that come with a quadriplegia diagnosis. For most people, their ability to care for themselves has changed forever and they will likely have extreme difficulty earning a living or maintaining employment.

A civil lawsuit could provide financial resources during this difficult time. With the help of an Indianapolis attorney, the following types of damages might be available for someone with quadriplegia.

Medical Expenses

Costly medical care is often a top concern in these cases. Not only can emergency, life-saving care be expensive, but most people living with paralysis require ongoing treatment for the rest of their lives. These expenses can add up fast. Thankfully, a civil lawsuit could provide a monetary award that pays for treatment like surgical procedures, hospitalization, or physical therapy.

Pain and Suffering

Although this condition involves a person losing sensation in much of their body, that does not mean pain is no longer a factor. In fact, nerve damage can result in chronic pain that lasts a lifetime. A successful civil suit could provide compensation for this suffering.

Lost Wages

Losing the ability to earn a living is often a frustrating side effect of suffering a paralyzing injury. For plaintiffs, recouping the past and future lost wages they could be entitled to is an important goal of their civil lawsuit. These lost wages are generally calculated based on what an individual would have earned if the injury never happened.

Call an Indianapolis Quadriplegia Injury Attorney and Discuss Compensation

When you have suffered a life-changing injury through no fault of your own, you have the right to file a lawsuit and pursue justice. A monetary award cannot undo the harm you have suffered, but it could simplify your life and help you meet your needs moving forward. Contact an Indianapolis quadriplegia injury lawyer today for a private consultation about your next legal move.