Indianapolis Paralysis Lawyer

Paralysis can be among the most serious examples of catastrophic injuries that can occur after an accident or intentional act of violence. Direct damage to your affected body part, or even spinal cord trauma, can result in a loss of sensation or use of significant portions of your body. In many examples, these injuries are permanent and will require you to make major changes to your life routine.

In 2017, Shelia L. suffered a spinal cord injury when she fell into the open stairwell of an abandoned and foreclosed home. She spent 2 months in the hospital followed by 6 weeks of inpatient rehabilitation for injuries that left her left her partially paralyzed from the waist down. She reached out to McCready Law for help because the insurance company for the bank that owned the home alleged that Sheila was trespassing at the time of her fall, and it was refusing to pay for any of her medical treatment. Read more about the $2.65 Million settlement we obtained for her.

You have the right to hold a negligent person or entity accountable for the harm they caused. Receiving proper compensation can be difficult when insurance companies deny responsibility or try to shift fault for an accident onto you. An Indianapolis paralysis lawyer is ready to fight for you. Their goal is to demonstrate fault for an incident, show how the event has changed your life, and demand compensation for your past losses and estimated future costs.

Connecting Negligent Actions to Paralysis

Incidents that result in paralysis could leave you looking for answers. One usual question concerns how you will be able to prove that another person’s actions were the source of your losses. If that person did not intend to cause harm, but they still failed to keep you safe, the law says that they can still be held responsible. Common examples of these situations include:

The goal of an Indianapolis paralysis attorney is to show that someone else was primarily at fault for a plaintiff’s injuries. This includes fighting back against any allegations that you did not take every appropriate step to protect yourself. Indiana Code § 34-51-2-5 says that if a court believes you to share a portion of the blame for an accident, it must reduce your compensation by this same percentage. If this share of the blame rises to 50 percent or more, the court cannot award any payment.

At-Fault Parties Must Provide Full Compensation

Paralysis is a serious event that deserves a lawyer’s full attention. Damage to the nerves that allow a person to control their extremities and other body parts is often permanent, and even extensive medical care may not allow them to make a full recovery. The one thing that can be fully accounted for is the financial cost of the medical care and any other financial losses.

A demand for compensation following paralysis must take several factors into account. A paralysis injury lawyer in Indianapolis must evaluate how an event has changed you, which means demanding compensation for:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Lost income due to permanent disability
  • Payments for reductions in your quality of life
  • Pain and suffering connected to the injury

Evaluating these changes in your life allows an attorney to make comprehensive and realistic demands for damages. This applies whether you are seeking compensation through an insurance settlement or a civil lawsuit in court.

Consult with an Indianapolis Paralysis Attorney Now

Incidents that result in paralysis will force you to make changes in every part of your life. In addition to seeking out all necessary medical care, a paralyzing injury may also devastate your ability to earn a living or enjoy time with loved ones. The parties who are responsible for these losses must provide full compensation through insurance payouts.

An Indianapolis paralysis lawyer wants to help you to collect these payments. You will likely have a lot on your plate after this horrific accident. Let a lawyer handle the personal injury claim. Speak with an attorney now to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.