Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are frequently life-altering incidents. Permanent injuries and major financial hardship are only some of the consequences that can come with a crash. If a motorcycle accident occurred through no fault of your own, you could benefit from a discussion with a practiced personal injury attorney.

You could have a strong case for compensation following a motorcycle accident. Even if you have little doubt the driver that struck you was at fault, that does not mean resolving your case will be easy. The guidance of an Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer could put you in a position to recover the damages you deserve.

Types of Motorcycle Crashes

There are many types of motorcycle accidents, each of them unique, with an array of factors that could lead to a collision. Some accidents do not involve other vehicles. These single-vehicle accidents can occur due to driver error, mechanical failures, or hazardous weather.

In many situations, motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. Because of their smaller size compared to the other vehicles sharing the road, motorcycles are often struck by careless drivers who do not notice they are present. Negligence frequently plays a part in causing these collisions and some examples of these collisions include:

  • “Dooring” accidents
  • Lane splitting crashes
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Side-impact collisions
  • Front-end collisions

When these motorcycle accidents happen, the guidance of an Indianapolis attorney is invaluable. Legal counsel could review the facts of the accident and determine whether negligence played a part. If the other driver negligently caused the collision, financial compensation could be a possibility.

Recovering Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There are different categories of monetary compensation available in successful injury cases. When a motorcycle accident attorney in Indianapolis takes on a case, one of their first jobs is to determine what that case might be worth. The value of a case depends on the categories of damages the injured party has suffered. Those categories include:

Medical Costs

Past and future medical bills are frequently the major expense associated with motorcycle accidents. Costly care like surgeries or emergency room visits can quickly eat through a victim’s budget. In some cases, ongoing medical costs could continue to accrue. The good news is that compensation for both past and future medical expenses could be an option.

Pain and Suffering

Plaintiffs in motorcycle accident injury cases also frequently seek damages for their pain and suffering. These damages might be subjective, but it is not unusual for a plaintiff to establish what their pain is worth in a civil suit. In some situations, a pain and suffering award will scale with the amount of medical bills accrued.

Lost Wages

Serious injuries not only result in physical and emotional trauma, but they can also lead to financial hardship as well. For many people injured in a motorcycle accident, it can take weeks or months to return to work. When this happens, the financial impact of those lost wages can be tremendous. Replacing those lost wages is an important aspect of many personal injury cases.

Talk to an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

If you are recovering from injuries related to a motorcycle accident, you deserve to focus on your recovery. Your claim for damages is important but it should not distract you from your ultimate goal of recovering.

When you rely on experienced legal counsel to handle your case, you can remove the stress of a lawsuit from your shoulders. Reach out to an Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer right away to learn more.