Cicero Rollover Accident Lawyer

Rollovers are a rare but dangerous event that occurs anytime a vehicle is lifted off the pavement and turns over. Sometimes they involve several vehicles, but it can also happen to a single car.

Regardless of how it happened, you should call a Cicero rollover accident lawyer if you were injured in a car that flipped over on the road. A dependable car accident attorney could help you file a claim against the at-fault driver or determine if some other entity shares liability for the crash.

Common Fact Patterns of Rollovers

Rollovers were much more common in the past, but vehicle manufacturers have increased the safety mechanisms of their cars to mitigate the risk of overturning. However, even the safest car is vulnerable to flip given certain circumstances. If the impact is strong enough, and happens at the right angle, a collision can cause one or both of the vehicles to flip. Additionally, when vehicles leave the roadway, they tend to be more prone to rollover due to uneven terrain.

Rollover accidents tend to produce more serious injuries since the occupants will be flipped upside down along with the car. The motions associated with a rollover accident tend to result in serious bodily injury. Fortunately, rollovers are not common, but they can be devastating when they do happen.

How Could an Attorney Help Someone Recover Damages?

A rollover accident requires a certain level of experience to manage, which general practice lawyers may not possess. A nearby rollover crash lawyer could assist in any investigation with regards to establishing liability and documenting damages.

A lawyer could also help speed up the process of communicating with the opposing driver’s insurance company. It is never advisable to speak with an insurance adjuster prior to consulting with an attorney since it is the adjuster’s job to pay out as little as possible in damages. A legal professional could speak with the insurance company in a manner that does not divulge information about what amount of compensation might be accepted.

Documenting an Accident

Rollover accidents usually result in significant property damage as well as potentially catastrophic injuries. It is important to take photographs of any damage to the vehicle to be used in a potential trial. Any other factors, such as road hazards or weather conditions, should also be documented.

If there are any visible injuries such as bruising or lacerations, it is important to photograph them as well. As with any other accident, injured parties should cooperate with the police and provide information necessary for their report. This includes witness names as well as information about the other driver involved, if any. A rollover car accident attorney in the area could acquire a copy of this police report later to be used in the investigation.

How Could Someone Prevent a Rollover?

The number one tip to avoid being in a rollover accident is to drive safely. To avoid a rollover accident, a driver should operate the vehicle appropriately given the weather circumstances, as well as the traffic and road conditions. Wearing a seatbelt is especially important because a person can be flung out of their seat if the car flips over. A person who fails to use reasonable care to avoid rollovers may be considered negligent and could be barred from being awarded damages.

While safe driving can prevent most rollover accidents, some are unavoidable. Typically, when there is another vehicle involved, there might not be much that could be done if they are driving erratically. For example, depending on the angle of the impact, the driver of the vehicle may not be able to establish control and prevent it from slipping. Additionally, a defective car part could play a role in causing an accident. Most of those deficiencies will not be discovered by a driver.

Work with a Cicero Rollover Accident Attorney

Being in a car that has been struck and flipped over is a terrifying ordeal. Even with the proper safety measures, you may not be in any condition to handle a lawsuit by yourself. Therefore, you should consider finding a Cicero rollover accident lawyer who understands your predicament and could help you get on the road to recovery. For a free consultation, call now.