Cicero Head-On Car Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision is an accident where two drivers strike each other with the front of their vehicles. These types of accidents are fairly common, but unfortunately, head-on collisions tend to occur at higher speeds and result in more serious injuries.

Someone who was harmed in this way should seek help from a Cicero head-on collision lawyer. A compassionate car accident attorney could be the difference between receiving a damages award and ending up with no compensation.

How Do Head-On Crashes Typically Happen?

A head-on collision can occur in a variety of ways. One way is when a vehicle crosses over the center line on a road and strikes the car heading in the opposite direction. The likelihood of this can increase during times of limited visibility like at night or in poor weather. If a vehicle is unable to see ahead of them for whatever reason, it is more likely that a head-on collision may occur. If this happens, it will usually be the fault of the driver who veered out of their lane.

Head-on crashes often happen when drivers are operating at the posted speed limit, which means they can be more serious than certain other types of accidents. There are also many more instances of broken bones as a result of head-on collisions than with rear-end accidents.

How to Improve a Front-End Crash Case

It is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible following an automobile accident. Many do not charge money upfront and offer free initial consultations. The sooner someone works with a lawyer, the better chance they have at a sufficient recovery.

Some people believe that they can handle a case on their own and are disappointed when the insurance company offers a tiny settlement, if any. One of the reasons they offer such smalls settlements is because they know the person does not have the legal background to know the true value of a case.

It is also important for a claimant to follow up with doctor’s appointments and check for all kinds of injuries. Unlike a broken bone, which can show up on an x-ray, head-on collisions frequently result in trauma to the head or severe damage to the neck and spine. Sophisticated medical imaging equipment is often necessary for a proper diagnosis. A front-end car crash attorney in the area could advise a claimant on how to handle their medical treatment.

Assigning Fault

It is important to do a thorough investigation of a head-on car crash. Because one person is typically at fault for causing the accident, a lawyer might be able to prove this fact to the insurance company. If the head-on collision was the fault of the plaintiff, then it may limit the amount of recovery they could receive, or bar the recovery altogether.

Every driver on the road must use reasonable care when driving their vehicle. Failure to use reasonable care in these circumstances could make them liable for any injuries that occur. There needs to be proof as to how the accident occurred, and it is common for there to be a dispute over the facts in a head-on accident. A local lawyer could perform the necessary investigation in order to prove liability after a front-end crash.

Are Punitive Damages Available for Head-On Crashes?

When someone is injured in a head-on collision, they could be entitled to compensatory damages, which are designed to make up for any injuries sustained in the accident. However, if the actions of the at-fault party were particularly egregious, it may be possible to obtain punitive damages.

The goal of punitive damages is to punish the wrongdoer and discourage reckless behavior from them and others in the future. A car accident case generally does not rise to the level of awarding punitive damages. However, if the driver was intoxicated or recklessly ignoring all traffic laws, punitive damages may be appropriate. A Cicero head-on auto wreck lawyer could talk with the plaintiff about whether punitive damages are a possibility in their case.

Reach Out to a Cicero Head-On Car Collision Attorney

When two vehicles crash into each other at high speeds, the impact can do catastrophic damage to the drivers and passengers. If you find yourself with a mountain of medical bills after an accident, do not feel as though you have to carry this burden alone. A Cicero head-on car collision lawyer could help you fight for damages to offset your losses. Reach out today to discuss your options.