Cicero Bad Weather Accident Lawyer

There is always some level of risk when using public roadways with other vehicles. However, that risk can be exponentially higher when bad weather is present. Flooding, snowstorms, and icy roads could all affect someone’s driving and lead to an accident. Fortunately, a dependable car accident attorney could help file a claim for damages.

If you were injured by somebody else’s negligence, and the weather conditions may have played a role, speak to a Cicero bad weather accident lawyer. You have the right to seek compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

How Does Poor Weather Lead to Accidents?

Drivers are not immune from responsibility after a car accident simply because weather conditions make the road more dangerous. All drivers must exercise additional care to avoid any accidents. If the vehicle is traveling at an unsafe speed, even if it is under the posted speed limit, the vehicle may be harder to control. A car might slip or hydroplane if there is too much water in the road. A car could hit a snow bank, causing a chain reaction, or it could strike another car because the driver’s vision was obstructed by fog.

Negligence is based on what a reasonable person would do, given the circumstances. When roads are dangerous because of bad weather, a reasonable person is expected to take additional safety precautions.

Initial Steps to Take After a Crash

Following any accident, including one that is triggered by severe weather conditions, the first thing to do is to check on the safety of anyone involved. Second, examine the scene to see if the vehicle presents an additional hazard to other individuals, especially in light of the weather conditions. If the car can still function, it should be moved away from the road.

Third, they should call 911 and have police and/or ambulance personnel come to the scene. Finally, an injured person should call a local bad weather collision lawyer and inform them of the situation. The lawyer might give them instructions on what kind of evidence to document and what not to say to authorities.

What if No Other Vehicle Was Involved?

If an accident involves only one vehicle, there might still be a legal case. While the driver may not be able to make a legal recovery, any passengers in the vehicle could be entitled to compensation for the accident. Additionally, even if it is a one-car crash, there may be other parties to blame.

A seasoned lawyer could be in the best position to investigate whether there are any other potential defendants. For example, the road may have been improperly maintained or there could have been a defective automobile part that places the manufacturer at fault.

Weather Conditions as Evidence

It is important to conduct a thorough investigation as soon as possible following an accident. Weather conditions can change quickly, and failure to document the weather-related factors can influence the ultimate outcome of a case. A nearby lawyer who handles adverse weather auto accident claims could investigate the facts of the case and determine if the weather was a contributing factor.

If the weather has the potential to make driving difficult, the law requires drivers to exercise additional care. If one motorist causes an accident by driving recklessly, they cannot use weather as a defense. The failure to drive safely is considered negligence.

Preventing Weather-Related Accidents

There are several ways to drive safely and avoid weather-related accidents. It is a good idea to drive slowly, under the speed limit, and leave extra space between the car in front. No matter how safely someone may be driving, the other drivers near them may not be driving carefully. It is important to pay attention to what others are doing and avoid those who are ignoring safe behavior. If conditions are especially bad, and most schools or public places have been closed down, it is best to avoid going out on the road at all.

Seek Help from a Cicero Bad Weather Accident Attorney

From impenetrable fog to dangerous wind advisories, poor weather conditions make driving more difficult. Everyone has a duty to adjust to the new conditions – if they do not, they might be held liable for damages if an accident ensues. That is why it is a good idea to retain the services of a Cicero bad weather accident lawyer to get a potential claim started immediately after a crash. Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible to begin your free consultation.