Cicero Highways Accident Lawyer

Illinois highways and freeways provide a quick and easy method of travel for many motorists. However, they can also be more prone to accidents due to their high speed limits. Seasoned car accident attorneys handle many cases involving injuries that stemmed from highway collisions, and there are several things that drivers should look for in order to avoid them.

If you are looking to recover compensation after sustaining an injury, a Cicero highway accident lawyer could be your best bet for successfully prosecuting a case.

How Do Highway Accidents Differ from Minor Road Crashes?

Accidents can happen on any type of road but they tend to occur with much more force on highways and freeways. This is because the vehicles driving on a highway are operating at faster speeds, which in turn lead to more harmful injuries.

The location of the accident is less important than the facts of the collision. How an accident occurs, and who is at fault, are the primary questions which affect liability. In order to make a recovery for personal injury damages, a local highway collision lawyer must prove that the defendant was liable.

Causes of Crashes

There are many causes for automobile crashes, whether it is driver inattention or a defect in the vehicle itself. The rules of the road exist to help people operate their car safely and predictably, even in freeways where there are few sudden turns or obstacles to account for. However, if someone violates a traffic rule and causes an accident, they will usually be held legally responsible for any damages which occur.

First Steps to Take After a Highway Accident

Whenever someone is in an accident, their first step should be to seek medical attention. Even if they do not feel like they are injured, it is important to be examined by EMTs, go to the emergency room, or see a primary care doctor. Some injuries take time to develop symptoms or pain. Without prompt medical attention, it may be difficult later to prove that the injuries are related to the accident itself.

If the vehicles pose a hazard for oncoming traffic, they should be moved out of the way so that there is no buildup of cars waiting to pass through. If the car is still able to function, the police may ask a person to drive to the station to fill out an accident report.

Another important step following an accident is to speak with a lawyer. They will be in the best position to advise a person of their legal rights and represent their interests so that insurance companies do not take advantage of them.

Unique Challenges in Highway Accidents

People traveling at a high rate of speed on a highway do not anticipate that someone will be completely stopped in the road, and a driver may be unable to stop or veer away in time. There will also likely not be a potential detour route, meaning that traffic must proceed slowly around the crash site.

Emergency responders might take longer to reach an accident scene on a highway due to the distance from most stations and hospitals, and because heavy traffic could impede their ability to travel fast. An attorney in the area could explain the dangers that are commonly seen in highway collisions.

Even though there are fewer instructional street signs on a highway, everyone is still required to obey the rules of the road and all traffic regulations. The fact that drivers do not see a speed limit sign for an extended period of time does not mean that they are free to travel at any rate they choose.

Learn How You Could Receive Relief with a Cicero Highway Accident Lawyer

If you choose to navigate the state highway system, it is important to know the rules as well as the risks. Accidents on these roads are usually more severe, and one crash could lead to another if someone is not paying attention. Get in touch with a Cicero highway accident lawyer and learn what they could do for your case.