Speaking with Insurance Companies After a Cicero Car Accident

Someone who has gotten into an auto wreck for the first time may be confused and scared about what comes next. When large insurance companies present themselves to try and understand the circumstances of the case, a person who is suffering from major injuries might want to appear as cooperative as possible. Unfortunately, the goal of these companies is to limit the exposure of their insured and pay little, if anything, to the patient.

You should call a determined car accident attorney before speaking with insurance companies about your accident in Cicero. There are dangers associated with those conversations that everyone needs to be aware of.

Is it a Mistake to Admit Fault at the Car Accident Scene?

It is important for an injured person not to admit fault at the scene of an accident. Although they may feel like the accident is their fault, a proper investigation might reveal that this was not the case. If they admit fault to the other driver, that statement can be used against them by the defense team later in a personal injury case.

Directly after an accident, most people do not have a clear head to properly describe what has occurred, and may not have all of the information. For this reason, it is advisable to speak to an attorney as soon as possible after a crash.

The Danger of Giving Recorded Statements

It is never advisable to give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster. Even if the injured person has an attorney, there are few justifications for speaking with insurance adjusters after a local car accident. The adjuster will ask questions in such a way that may end up hurting the plaintiff’s case.

Even if the injured person tells the whole truth, the way that the question is asked can have a significant impact on the ultimate settlement amounts. Insurance adjusters are not in the business of paying out full value of claims, but instead to minimize the amount of payment for claims to the insurance company.

How Insurance Adjusters Contact Individuals

It is common for an insurance company to try to speak with an injured person immediately following a Cicero car crash. They do this to try to minimize the potential exposure for paying out damages. If an insurance adjuster takes a recorded statement before the injured individual has an attorney, that statement will usually be harmful to the case.

The insurance adjuster may appear to be friendly or give an indication that they wish to assist the person. The adjuster may even encourage them not to hire a lawyer. No matter what kind of demeanor they give off, an insurance adjuster is only concerned with minimizing exposure for their insured and paying out as little on the claim as possible.

Should an Injured Person Accept a Settlement Check?

Insurance adjusters might sometimes try to get in touch with injured individuals soon after the accident occurs, and offer to settle the case in exchange for signing a release. If somebody agrees to the settlement, but the amount is too low to cover all of the expenses, they will have lost out on the right to seek more. Nobody should agree to a settlement or accept a check without first consulting a lawyer.

Learn the Dangers of Speaking with Insurance Companies After a Cicero Car Accident with an Attorney

A lawyer could be in the best position to answer a person’s questions after sustaining injuries in an accident. Similarly, they could also take the lead in communicating with the insurance companies so that the plaintiff does not have to worry about saying the wrong thing and jeopardizing their case. These situations can arise quickly, so it is a good idea to retain legal counsel immediately.

Speak with a lawyer before you speak with insurance companies after a Cicero car accident, and protect your opportunity to recover compensation.