Refusing Medical Treatment After a Cicero Car Accident

When someone gets into an auto wreck that is serious enough to damage a car or inflict major injury, there may be several things going through their mind at once. They might be concerned about their car damage, the possibility of a lawsuit, or what the other driver’s reaction will be. One thing that should not get lost in the chaos is the possibility that they themselves are injured. Some injuries may not be immediately obvious, and it is a major health and legal risk to refuse medical treatment after a car accident in Cicero.

You should speak with a trustworthy car accident attorney who could advise you on when and why you should go to a doctor after your accident. Your potential to recover damages may depend on it.

Why is it a Mistake to Refuse Medical Treatment After a Crash?

Following an automobile crash, it is always advisable to seek immediate medical attention, even if someone is not feeling the effects of an accident at that time. In many cases, the adrenaline from the accident itself can mask the feeling of substantial pain. Injuries can manifest themselves to a person later that day or week.

The hospital will be in a better position to examine them thoroughly and there may be internal or unseen injuries which the person is not aware of. Seeking immediate medical attention is also a good idea for the value it brings to a person’s legal case. If there is any gap or delay in treatment, the defendant’s lawyer could argue that any injuries that arise later might have been the result of something other than the accident. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to refuse medical treatment after a motor vehicle collision in Cicero.

The Importance of Following a Doctor’s Orders

It is essential that an injured person follows the doctor’s specific recommendation. Failure to do so could hurt their case. The insurance company’s lawyer may ask the doctor what recommendations they advised for the patient, and if the patient does not comply with the doctor’s recommendations, then that could be held as evidence against them.

How Can a Treatment Gap Hurt Person’s Case?

A gap in medical treatment refers to a prolonged period of time between doctor appointments. While patients are not expected to go to the doctor every week, it is important not to leave an extended period of time between doctor’s appointments.

An insurance company will likely identify this gap in treatment and attempt to argue that any existing injuries came out of some incident that occurred during that gap. The danger of refusing medical care after a local car accident extends beyond the initial hours after impact.

Reasons Why Someone Would Want to Forego Medical Care

It can be inconvenient and time-consuming to follow up with medical treatment after an accident. However, the medical treatment is important for a person’s health, as well as for the case. The value of a personal injury case is based primarily on the injuries, and the injuries are calculated through medical treatment.

Insurance companies evaluate claims and determine that those who are seriously injured go to the doctor and those who are not seriously injured do not go to the doctor. While this is not always true, it is important to know how insurance companies evaluate claims so that an attorney could prepare a proper argument.

Learn the Consequences of Refusing Medical Treatment After a Cicero Car Accident from an Attorney

The sooner that someone contacts a personal injury lawyer, the more likely they will be to obtain adequate compensation for their injury. It is a mistake for a person to try and handle their case on their own without adequate legal guidance. A lawyer could also ensure that a plaintiff does not refuse, or stop receiving, medical treatment following a Cicero car accident. To learn more about the various factors that impact a civil recovery, contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible.