Cicero Teen Driver Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicles are dangerous if operated by someone who does not know how to use one. Teenagers, in particular, bring some level of risk with them when they drive. Even if they are being responsible and following the law, their inexperience might lead them to make the wrong move and crash.

If you were injured for this reason, reach out to a Cicero teen driver accident lawyer. You might be able to recover damages to pay for your medical bills by utilizing the services of a dedicated car accident attorney.

When is a Teenager Eligible to Start Driving?

Illinois has a graduated driver’s license, which means teenagers can start driving as soon as they turn 16. They still operate with certain restrictions, however, until they become 18 years old. Many schools include a driver’s education course, which a student can enroll in any time after their 15th birthday.

A teenager can obtain their learner’s permit when they are 15 years old. This means that there are many restrictions on their ability to drive. Most importantly, there must be an adult in the car supervising them.

Common Fact Patterns in Teen Driving Accidents

There is no legal definition of a novice driver. However, the more experience a driver has, the better they are able to react in certain circumstances. One of the reasons teenagers are so prone to accidents is because they lack experience. Teenagers do not always have the capability of recognizing how dangerous an automobile can be.

Because teen drivers do not have years behind the wheel, there are certain common fact patterns associated with teen driving accidents. For example, a teenager may overreact in handling the car when faced with an emergency, or they may underestimate the handling capabilities of a car. Finally, many teenagers do not understand the danger that erratic driving can cause.

A person who was injured in an accident might benefit from speaking with a local youth driver accident attorney and learn how the defendant’s age might have affected their actions.

What Risks Are Associated with Teenage Driving?

The biggest risk associated with teen driving is operating a vehicle while distracted. Teenagers are so accustomed to using their cell phone, listening to music, or talking with their friends that they often fail to pay attention. Other risks associated with teen driving include a lack of experience and poor judgment.

Typically, insurance rates for teenage and college-age drivers are higher than adult drivers. This is because young people are involved in accidents at a higher rate.

Assumptions in Court

When a teenager is involved in an accident, it is common to assume that the crash was the teenager’s fault. While this is not always true, teenagers usually do not get the benefit of the doubt when they are involved in an accident. Ultimately, a judge or jury will decide who is at fault for a crash, and it is common to assume that that the young person was responsible. A competent teen driver collision lawyer in the area could gather the evidence of the case and make an argument as to who should take the majority of blame for the incident.

Preparing Young People for Driving

A parent has the responsibility to adequately prepare their children for driving. One of the things they should instruct their child on is the proper protocol following an accident. It is important to be prepared in the event that a collision occurs. Teens should know to check on the safety of themselves, any passengers, and occupants of the other vehicle. They should cooperate with the police. Finally, they should seek medical attention if they are experiencing any pain or discomfort from the accident.

It is important that parents explain the responsibility that comes with driving a car. It is not a toy or something to be treated lightly, and parents should exercise supervision over a teenager’s driving habits. Parents should enforce certain rules and possibly even invoke discipline with regard to the teenager’s use of the vehicle. This all serves to give them the proper foundation to be safe drivers as they age into adulthood.

Find Relief with a Cicero Teen Driver Accident Attorney

A collision with a new driver does not always have to involve some level of recklessness, but that does not bar you from seeking damages for your injuries. There is a high level of scrutiny placed on teenagers, and courts will often view them as liable in the absence of compelling counter-evidence. A Cicero teen driver accident lawyer stands ready to assist you. Call now to learn more.