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When you are injured on the job and cannot work, you are entitled to Total Temporary Disability (TTD). This means you are “totally disabled” from any type of work for a “temporary” period of time. It means that a doctor has determined you are unable to work in any capacity. It also means that the disability from your injury is not expected to be permanent, and thus, it is temporary. Only a doctor can make the medical decision of whether you are physically able to work. To learn more consult with an Oak Lawn workers’ compensation lawyer today.

Your Rights to TTD

If you are injured on the job and a doctor says you are unable to work, you are entitled to TTD. It may take some time before you receive your first TTD check. An insurance company has the right to investigate whether you suffered an on the job injury. As obvious as it may seem to you, the insurance company has the right to conduct an investigation and also has the right to examine your medical records before issuing you a TTD check.

Receiving Payment

Under the law, you are entitled to 2/3 of your Average Weekly Wage (AWW). We often encounter insurance companies who incorrectly calculate an employee’s AWW, which directly impacts their weekly TTD check. For a free evaluation of whether workers’ compensation insurance is paying you the correct amount of TTD, contact us for a free evaluation. Your TTD check, based on 2/3 of your AWW, is paid to you without deduction of taxes. However, certain things may still be withheld, such as union dues, health insurance premiums and child support.

TTD Checks Interrupted or Stop

To ensure that your TTD checks do not stop, you must have a doctor’s note which specifically states your restrictions and the reasons you are unable to work at all. Additionally, the insurance company may send you for an Independent Medical Examination (IME) which may result in you not receiving your TTD checks. To ensure you receive the TTD checks to which you are entitled, it is often wise to work with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

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Getting injured on the job is difficult to deal with. Having an experienced attorney on your side is important. Please contact our office today if you or a loved one have stops receiving TTD checks or have any questions.