Types of Workers Compensation Claims in Oak Lawn

Filing a workers compensation claim in Oak Lawn can be a difficult process. Getting the help from an Oak Lawn workers compensation lawyer to help explain and guide you through the claim process is extremely important. If injured on the job, do not hesitate and contact an experienced lawyer today.

Job Retraining

Sometimes you suffer an injury where you cannot return to your previous job. This happens frequently with construction workers, warehouse workers, and police and fire fighters. For example, you may have a permanent lifting restriction of ten pounds, but this does not prevent you from working a sedentary job which does not require lifting. A workers’ compensation lawyer can require the insurance company to re-train you for a job which meets your restrictions. Our injured clients have gone back to school and received college degrees or received computer training to allow them to return to the work force. The Workers’ Compensation Act requires the insurance company to provide this re-training, though it often takes the intervention of an attorney to get these benefits. If you cannot do your job because of restrictions, you should discuss the right of re-training with your lawyer.

Wage Differential

If you return to a job which pays you less than you were making, or if your employer takes you back in a position which pays you less, you are entitled to a wage differential. The insurance company must pay the difference between what you were making and what you are now making. This can come in the form of a weekly check from the insurance company, similar to your TTD check, or it can come in the form of a lump sum settlement. Proving a wage differential claim is complex, but it will result in a much better recovery for you.