Indianapolis Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

Side-impact collisions are also known as T-bone accidents, due to the shape the automobiles make when crashing. One car forcefully slamming into another – whether at an intersection, in a parking lot, or somewhere else – can cause serious injury to people and property. Someone facing the aftermath of a T-bone accident is well advised to contact an Indianapolis side-impact collision lawyer for advice on their case.

A car crash lawyer might suggest a settlement with insurance companies or taking a case to court. They may assist in the fact-gathering stage of a case, which includes examining evidence and interviewing experts, to put together a strong argument on your behalf. A lawyer could also advise as to alternative methods of getting compensation – such as through a product liability suit against an auto manufacturer, where appropriate.

Common Causes of Side-Impact Car Wrecks

One frequent cause of these wrecks is failure to yield. If a driver fails to yield the right-of-way when exiting a parking lot or driveway, turning left, or crossing an intersection, a T-bone crash can occur. Another cause of these crashes is speeding or not otherwise following traffic laws, while other T-bone wrecks occur because of unprotected left turns. Woman sitting on the ground, next to her car

No matter the cause, an experienced Indianapolis side-impact wreck attorney could help investigate the case and establish the at-fault driver’s liability. Defense attorneys will do everything in their power to reduce or negate their client’s liability, but an experienced personal injury attorney could help counter these tactics.

Damages Available to Crash Injury Plaintiffs

A negligence case can be brought to seek damages in instances where a driver failed to meet the appropriate standard of care to other drivers on the road while driving and caused a side-impact collision. If a wrongful death happens because of this type of collision, the law allows for the survivors of the deceased to pursue a case on behalf of their estate. In cases where a faulty automobile causes the accident, a product liability claim is possible against its manufacturer.

An experienced T-bone crash lawyer could advise as to the full range of legal options available in Indianapolis based on the facts of a case. They also know how to calculate damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages, and may advise whether it is better to take a settlement or bring a case to court.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Many cases are dealt with at the negotiation table, through a settlement with insurance companies. However, insurance companies will often try to get plaintiffs to make statements against their own interest, which the companies will use against them later. The companies’ representatives will also come out of the gate with a lowball settlement offer, trying to trap a plaintiff into accepting much less than what they are owed.

By having a good Indianapolis side-impact car wreck attorney on their side, a plaintiff could avoid all these pitfalls and focus on healing from the effects of the crash.

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