Motorcycle Safety Measures in Cicero

Those who ride motorcycle must take all precautions to stay safe when they go out for a ride on Illinois roads and highways. Due to the lack of external protection, all riders should be familiar with motorcycle safety measures in Cicero. Not only could it protect you physically, it could also help you legally if you get into an accident. A seasoned motorcycle accident attorney could speak with you about how you can ride safely and prevent liability for a crash.

What Are the Helmet Laws for Cicero Motorcyclists?

There is no legal requirement to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Illinois. However, it is highly advisable to do so, since helmets protect the head in the event of an accident. Many motorcycle accidents lead to head injuries, which could be reduced or eliminated by wearing a helmet.

Motorcycle helmets must undergo rigorous testing and approval before they are sold to the public. A company cannot merely manufacture a helmet and put it on shelves. There are many federal and state standards which apply to motorcycle helmets and they must be designed to comply with all of them. Because the body and head are exposed while riding a motorcycle, a helmet can protect the rider from most head traumas, which are a common occurrence in accidents.

Wearing a helmet is perhaps the best safety measure that a motorcycle rider in Cicero can implement.

Legal Impact of Not Wearing a Helmet in a Civil Claim

Although there might be an accident where the plaintiff suffered head trauma, a jury might still consider the lack of a helmet as a factor in determining negligence. Even though the motorcycle rider is legally allowed to ride without one, many juries will fail to award total compensation to a motorcycle rider who did not take the full safety precautions.

How Helmets Could Affect Contributory Negligence

Contributory negligence refers to the combined fault of all the parties involved. An accident does not need to be fully the fault of one party; it can instead be caused by a combination of actions from different people. If the injured party contributed in some way to the accident, contributory negligence could take effect, which means the percentage of fault attributable to the injured individual could reduce their final damages award.

Because there is no legal requirement to wear head protection on a motorcycle, contributory negligence should not apply to those riders who are injured and are not wearing a helmet. However, many lawyers have found that juries will take into consideration whether the motorcycle rider was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. This is why riders should wear protection, regardless of what the law says.

What Are Some Other Safety Measures That Motorcyclists Should Follow?

Motorcyclists should always maintain a lookout for hazards. Individuals in Cicero are responsible for taking safety measures into their own hands by checking that their motorcycle is in proper working condition prior to driving it. The rider must ensure that the turn signals, controls, and other features of the motorbike are fully functional. Other safety equipment, such as reflective clothing and reflectors on the bike, could help with visibility at night or in foggy weather. Failure to take these precautions could potentially make a rider liable if a crash were to occur.

Learn the Legal Benefits of Motorcycle Safety Measures in Cicero

A helmet is a necessary thing to wear while riding a motorcycle, regardless of the law. A severe accident could produce traumatic brain damage, and if a jury decide to hold you responsible for not wearing protection, you could miss out on compensation that pays for it. Call a legal professional to discuss motorcycle safety measures in Cicero.