What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Cicero

After sustaining injuries in an accident, you might be rattled, scared, or in pain. However, your initial decisions in this moment can affect how your legal claim for damages turns out. Reach out to a quality motorcycle crash attorney who could give you advice on what to do after a motorcycle accident in Cicero.

First Steps to Take

After a motorcycle accident in Cicero, there are certain steps which a person should take. First, they should make sure that everyone at the scene is safe. Second, they should relocate their motorcycle so that it is in a safe location and no longer impedes traffic. When there are a lot of vehicles on the roadway, not everyone will be paying attention.

Following an accident, they should call the police to make a police report but be sure not to make any harmful admissions. If they sustain any injuries, it is always advisable to go to the emergency room to be checked out. Finally, if the person is physically capable, they should take any photos of the scene in order to document what the crash looked like. What a person does after a motorcycle crash in Cicero can have an impact on their ability to recover damages later.

Motorcycle Insurance

The law requires everyone driving on the roadways to have insurance, which includes motorcycles. If they do not have insurance, then there is no one to contact after a crash and give advice. If the accident was someone else’s fault, they should still have a case for damages, regardless of whether they had insurance themselves. Whether an injured rider has insurance or not, it does not impact the ability to make a recovery for damages in an accident.

If someone is in a motorcycle accident and does not have insurance, they may be subject to receiving a ticket. It is a mandatory $500 fine for the first offense to be caught driving a motorcycle without insurance. The fine increases substantially with every future offense. However, even if they do not have insurance, they are still eligible to receive a settlement for any personal injuries that they receive.

Contacting Insurance

After a motorcycle accident, it is always advisable for an injured person to report the accident to their insurance company and to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Prior to speaking to any insurance adjuster, a person should contact a lawyer. Many lawyers do not charge an initial consultation fee and only are paid if there is a recovery.

Should a Claimant Speak with the Insurance Adjusters?

Talking with insurance adjusters after a motorcycle accident in Cicero is one of the worst things a claimant could do. Because the insurance company wants to save as much money as possible on claims, it is important for an injured person to have an experienced lawyer represent them as soon as possible. The lawyer could communicate with the insurance company and protect the claimant’s interests.

The role of the insurance adjuster is not to pay claims but rather to pay as little as possible. The claimant might inadvertently say something to an adjuster, which could ultimately harm their ability to make a complete recovery. They may feel that they are telling the truth to an insurance adjuster but sometimes the way questions are asked, it can harm their case. A lawyer could communicate with the insurance adjuster on their behalf and look out for their best interests.

It is acceptable to discuss repair or replacement of the property damage for the vehicle without discussing details of the case.

Speak to an Attorney About What to Do After a Cicero Motorcycle Accident

The safety of other people in the crash, as well as other drivers on the road, is the first priority in the moments after an accident. Once you have called for help, it is wise to seek a consultation from a lawyer. They could tell you what to do after a motorcycle accident in Cicero that might help your claim.