Determining Liability in Cicero Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are less common on the road than other automobiles, which could increase the likelihood of an accident if someone does not know how to operate around them. Just because the motorcycle is smaller and less protected does not mean they are automatically shielded from liability. Determining liability in Cicero motorcycle accidents is not always simple, but you do not have to manage that on your own. A quality motorcycle accident attorney could work with you to argue your case for damages.

What Are Some Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Many motorcycle accidents happen due to other motorists’ lack of visibility, since many car drivers fail to notice the smaller motorcycles on the road. Accidents also happen when cars pull out in front of motorcycles or strike motorcycles when changing lanes. Even if the rider exercises significant caution, the cause of a motorcycle accident usually results from inattention from the driver of the car.

Because motorcycles travel at the same speed and in the same lanes as traffic, it is much more common for a motorcycle accident to occur than a bicycle accident. Bicycles generally stay on the side of the road or in designated bike lanes. Since cars and motorbikes are on more of an even playing field, it can be harder to determine accident liability in Cicero.

Conditions That Increase the Likelihood of Accidents

A motor vehicle accident can happen at any time at any place. Because motorcycles lack the visibility of passenger vehicles, it is not surprising that they are involved in accidents at a higher rate than cars. Additionally, motorcycles are typically driven during the warm weather months when there are more cars on the road. All drivers owe a duty of care to other vehicles on the roadway but car and truck drivers should pay particular attention to people on motorcycles.

A motorcycle rider must always be vigilant of their surroundings and the possibility of another vehicle causing an accident. This is especially important because of the seriousness of the injuries that often follow a motorcycle accident. In addition to the rider being aware of external conditions, it is essential that all drivers on the road pay attention and are aware of motorcycles sharing the roadway.

How is Fault Determined?

In all motorcycle crash cases, the first thing to determine is who was at fault. An accident might have been caused by more than one person; it does not need to be 100 percent the fault of one of the drivers. In determining the fault for crashes involving motorcycles in Cicero, a lawyer must take all of the facts into consideration and put as much blame onto the other party as possible. If a motorcycle rider is found to be partially responsible for causing the accident, it could result in a lower overall monetary recovery.

Is Cicero a Comparative Negligence Jurisdiction?

Illinois follows comparative negligence rules. If both the plaintiff and the defendant played a part in the crash, the fault can be split between the two parties. If the accident is more than 50 percent the fault of the motorcycle driver, then they will receive no compensation. If the accident is more than 50 percent the fault of the defendant, the percent attributable to the motorcycle driver will reduce the amount of the recovery in the case.

If the accident is more than 50 percent the fault of the motorcycle rider, the individuals in the other vehicle could potentially have their own claim for damages against the motorcycle insurance policy.

Find an Attorney to Help Determine Liability in Cicero Motorcycle Accidents

There are certain aspects to a motorbike crash that a lawyer should be familiar with. They could help determine liability in a Cicero motorcycle accident and put you in a stronger legal position. Place a call now to learn more about how much money you might be entitled to recover.