Out-of-State Motorcyclists in Cicero

Most motorcycle riders do not just stick to driving around their community. They usually drive between cities and sometimes across state lines. This could present some problems if they find themselves in a jurisdiction with different laws than they are used to. Out-of-state motorcyclists in Cicero need to know about any changes in the law, and if this poses a problem in an accident lawsuit, they should consult with a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

What Should Out-of-State Motorcyclists Know?

Every state has different laws with regards to motorcycles. When someone is traveling on the road, it is assumed that they understand the laws of the state where they are riding. The most common difference between states is whether or not a motorcycle helmet is required. Some states allow motorcyclists to ride without a helmet and others require it. Before riding in a different state, a person should be familiar with the motorcycle helmet laws of the states in which they will be traveling.

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. The law requires them to know and obey all local traffic regulations and it is not a defense to claim that they were unaware of a local law. If an out-of-state motorcyclist violates a local law, it could result in a traffic fine or negatively impact their recovery if there is a motorcycle crash.

Dangers of Not Knowing Local Laws

If someone is riding their motorcycle in Cicero, they must be aware of all rules and regulations which govern motorcycles in this municipality. If they are from out-of-state, they should compare what the laws are in their state or community to those in Cicero. It is important to be aware of any potential differences because they will be held responsible for any negligence, whether they are aware of the local rule or not.

Out-of-State Motorcycle Passengers in Accidents

When a motorcycle rider and a passenger are involved in an accident, they are in different legal situations. The motorcycle driver, in order to make a recovery, must prove that the other vehicle was predominantly at fault.

A passenger does not need to prove this since they do not have any fault in causing an accident. If the accident is 100 percent the fault of the other vehicle, then the passenger can make a recovery against their insurance. However, if the accident is a combination of fault between the motorcycle rider and the vehicle, the passenger will have a claim against both insurance companies.

What Should an Out-of-State Motorcyclist Do After an Accident?

If an out-of-state motorcycle rider is injured in an accident in Cicero, they should first check for their own safety and the safety of others who are involved in the accident. Next, if possible, take photographs of the motorcycle and vehicle involved, as well as any injuries. If the accident is impeding traffic, they may be required to relocate their motorcycle. It is always wise to call the police and have a police report following a motorcycle accident. Finally, if they sustain any injuries, it is important to seek prompt medical attention.

The police officer will investigate the facts and write up a police report. More importantly, the officer will verify the identity of the driver and the applicable insurance. Without a police report, the out-of-state driver might not provide accurate information and it may be difficult to obtain a recovery following an accident.

Learn Your Options if You Are an Out-of-State Motorcyclist in Cicero

Ignorance of the law will not protect you if you hold liability for an accident in a different state. Out-of-state motorcyclists in Cicero should take care to study the laws to prevent accidents, tickets, and potential liability. Schedule a consultation with a legal professional to learn more.