Mistakes in Admitting Fault After a Truck Accident in Oak Lawn

Admitting fault at the scene of a truck accident in Oak Lawn is a mistake and could severely hurt a person’s case. Whenever an individual is involved in a truck accident, it is important not to admit fault at the scene. An individual may feel like the accident was their fault, but upon a complete investigation, the truck may have been a contributing factor, as well.

It is best to speak to a knowledgeable truck accident attorney immediately following a collision. There are many mistakes in admitting fault after a truck accident in Oak Lawn. Individuals may risk receiving compensation that covers the full value of their damages if they admit or apologize for a crash.

Risks Of Apologizing

There are risks of trying to be polite by apologizing for an accident. After a crash, it is understandable that an individual may feel bad about the other people in the accident. However, they should not admit that the accident was their fault. Upon a full investigation of the collision, the facts may reveal that the accident was caused by several factors. If an individual admits fault at the scene, it makes proving someone else responsible much more difficult.

The Danger in Giving Recorded Statements to Insurance Companies

Insurance companies typically contact people who have been injured in truck accidents by calling the individuals involved in the crash and seeking a recorded statement. It is never advisable to give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster without consulting with an experienced lawyer first. The insurance adjuster is looking out for the interests of the insurance company. The adjuster may ask questions that are misleading or confusing. One of the mistakes in admitting fault after a truck accident in Oak Lawn is that the recorded statement could have damaging information which could prevent injured claimants from recovering compensation.

An adjuster would want to know the facts of the accident. Until a full investigation is done, it is not wise to give an adjuster one’s impressions or opinions as to the cause of the accident. An insurance adjuster is looking out for the interests of the trucking company, not the individual.

Why do people make this mistake?

People often admit fault after a truck accident in Oak Lawn because they are under the misconception that an insurance adjuster is there to take responsibility after a collision. They assume that the trucking company would fix their car and compensate them for any injuries they sustain. An insurance adjuster would seek to minimize the amount of money that is paid in a claim.

If insurance adjusters dealt with people in a more fair and equitable manner, there would not be the need for representation by a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer would represent a person’s interests and make sure that they receive all the compensation that is due under the law. Insurance adjusters would ask for recorded statements. Many people do not realize that this is a mistake because the adjuster could ask questions in such a way that could damage a person’s case. It is advisable to consult with a personal injury lawyer immediately after a truck accident.

Problems Associated With Accepting A Settlement

There are some common scenarios in which the other driver’s insurance company might offer a check, and it could be a mistake to cash this check. Immediately after an accident, some insurance adjusters may make an offer of settlement. However, the settlement is usually much less than what the full value of the case would be. Many people make the mistake of accepting a check from the insurance company, which could result in the inability to pursue the claim further.

Usually, a condition of receiving a small settlement check is a release. A release means that an individual gives up their ability to make a full recovery from the insurance company in exchange for the small settlement check. Insurance companies will try to minimize the amount of money they pay in claims. By offering a small check very soon after an accident, they are often able to save the insurance company more money on the claim. A diligent truck accident lawyer that handles personal injury cases will have the injured claimant’s best interests in mind prior to accepting any check from the insurance company.

How A Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

An individual should not make an immediate judgment after an accident as to whether they feel it was their fault. They often ask questions in such a way as to hurt any potential case that an individual has. A lawyer representing an injured person following a truck accident would advise against giving a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster. Speaking to insurance companies prior to seeking help from a truck accident attorney could minimize their chances of recovering compensation that covers the full value of their claim.

Reach out to an attorney today to learn about the mistakes in admitting fault after a truck accident in Oak Lawn. Schedule a consultation today.