Unique Aspects of an Oak Lawn Truck Accident

Oak Lawn truck accident cases are different for many reasons. A crash may be caused by an 18 wheeler truck, tractor-trailer truck, dump truck, semi truck, freight truck, or delivery truck. Accidents involving trucks usually result in much more serious injuries than if caused by a passenger automobile because of the difference in size. A fully loaded truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, while the average car weighs around 3,000 pounds. Simple physics explains that a much heavier object will cause more damage to a lighter object.

Unique Aspects of Driving a Truck

There are also major differences between how trucks and cars operate. The maneuverability of a truck is often a contributing factor to an Oak Lawntruck crash case. Trucks cannot change directions as quickly as a car, cannot make turns the same way a car can, and have a much larger blind spot than cars.

Braking Systems

Trucks also have a different type of braking system which can cause a tractor-trailer truck accident. Trucks have air brakes, which control the braking of the tractor truck as well as the trailer. Air brakes can cause a truck to slide or jack-knife, causing a truck accident. Finally, it takes much longer for a fully loaded truck to stop than it would a car. Even if a truck driver reacts to an emergency, it still takes the truck a longer time to stop than a car. Stopping distance often plays a role in Chicago truck accident cases.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney

It is important to hire a law firm which is familiar with truck crash cases. Truck accident cases differ significantly from car accident cases. You need a law firm which recognizes this distinction. To learn more about your truck accident case, contact McCready Law for a free, no-obligation consultation. We encourage you to interview several law firms before deciding on who you want to handle your case. Watch our videos, review our website, talk to our lawyers, and you’ll learn why our clients are so satisfied with our representation.