Calculating an Oak Lawn Truck Accident Settlement

Multiple factors are considered when deciding whether to accept a settlement offer. First, the advice of an individual’s lawyer should be given great weight. The knowledgeable truck accident lawyer has the expertise in determining the proper value for the case. If a settlement offer is rejected, a person must know the additional consequences in terms of moving forward.

The litigation process can be slow, expensive, and stressful. Sometimes, the settlement offer is so low that litigation is necessary. An injured person and their lawyer must weigh all of the factors to decide whether to accept a settlement. Speak to a dedicated lawyer to learn about the factors that go into calculating an Oak Lawn truck accident settlement.

How Is a Settlement Calculated?

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when calculating an Oak Lawn truck accident settlement. First is liability, such as who is directly responsible for the collision and how the accident happened. Liability affects the settlement value of a case. Next, a tenacious attorney must prove that the claimant suffered injuries. Proving injuries is best done through medical records and treatment. An insurance company scrutinizes the medical treatment the injured person received following a truck accident.

Finally, if the injuries are permanent, that is a factor that goes into the settlement value after a truck accident. There are many elements that affect the final settlement amount. An experienced truck accident lawyer is in the best position to provide professional advice as to a settlement amount.

The Role of the Jury

There is no requirement to settle a case. Everyone has the right to have their case decided by a jury. With so many jury trials, seasoned lawyers are often familiar with the range that juries usually award for verdicts with similar facts. A jury decides on the award amount based on the individual facts to determine the value of the case. Since a jury is unpredictable, it is in the best interests of the injured person and the truck company to reach a settlement rather than leave the decision up to a jury.

How Liability Affects A Settlement

When an individual is in a truck accident and they are partially their fault, the fault of the plaintiff is taken into consideration when calculating an Oak Lawn truck accident settlement. A jury will consider the injured claimant’s percentage of fault when determining an award amount.  If the accident occurred due to the plaintiff’s and the truck company’s negligence, the amount of damages they are able to receive is reduced.

For example, when the value of the case is $100,000, and a jury finds the individual 25 percent at fault, they may recover $75,000. The percent of fault attributable to the plaintiff reduces the amount of the award. Speak to a truck accident attorney to learn more about how liability could affect an individual’s case.

How A Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

Injured claimants should seek an experienced truck accident lawyer who is familiar with similar cases. The value of an individual’s particular case must be compared to the value of prior cases with similar facts. Several factors are considered when calculating an Oak Lawn truck accident settlement. Liability, damages, and permanency are all important. A truck lawyer is in the best position to analyze the particular facts of the case and offer a recommendation as to an acceptable settlement amount.

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