How Long Does it Take to Settle an Oak Lawn Truck Accident Claim?

When an individual is involved in a truck accident, the party responsible for the collision may be required to pay the victims compensation for damages. Individuals should seek help from a skilled truck accident attorney to learn about the ins and out of the settlement process.

A dedicated attorney could review your claim, calculate your damages, and explain how long it takes to settle an Oak Lawn truck accident claim.

Length of Time To Receive a Settlement

The party who caused the accident may need to pay the plaintiff compensation for their damages and injuries. There is no standard as to how long it takes to receive an accident settlement.  The length of time to settle a claim depends on how long the injured person continues to seek medical attention. The injured party should not settle their case until they make a complete recovery or reach maximum medical improvement. If they settle their case and later determine their injuries are more severe than they thought, it may be too late.

The first factor in settling a claim is the time it takes for the injured claimant to be treated by medical professionals. Once an individual is discharged from medical care, the process continues by ordering medical records and medical bills as well as crafting a demand for settlement to the insurance company. The timeframe to order records and prepare a demand is generally 60 to 90 days. Once a demand is sent to the insurance company, the injured claimant’s experienced lawyer should have an idea of whether the case may settle out of court or require litigation within 30 days. Since each case is different, it is impossible to give guidance as to exactly how long it takes to settle an Oak Lawn truck accident claim.

How Can The Process Be Expedited

Many people are anxious to receive their settlement following a truck accident. However, it is important not to rush the process. One should not end their medical treatment prematurely before they reach full improvement. The value of a personal injury case is based on the individual’s medical treatment. Ending medical treatment too quickly while the person is still injured will result in a smaller recovery.

Additionally, the lawyer cannot call the insurance company too frequently to find out if there is a settlement offer. When a lawyer calls too frequently, the insurance company may assume that the client is in a hurry to settle the case. As a result, the insurance company may make a lower offer than the case is worth. The best course of action for an injured person is to be patient and let their lawyer do their job so they can recover the best possible for their client.

Complications With Negotiating a Settlement

When a truck company makes an offer of settlement, several things must be done before the case can be resolved. An insurance company makes a global offer to settle the case. An experienced attorney could calculate your damages and help you recover compensation, which could cover the costs of medical bills, pain and suffering, and their lawyer’s fees. After an offer is made, the lawyer must review the file to see if there are unpaid medical bills and address those.

When the medical bills are paid by health insurance, the individual’s car insurance, or Medicare, their lawyer must contact these entities to be repaid. Eventually, the lawyer is able to tell an individual how much of the settlement they will receive in their pocket. The most important thing in evaluating a settlement is how much one receives, not the amount of the full offer. It is best to speak to a knowledgeable attorney to learn about the amount of compensation an individual may be eligible to recover following a truck accident.

Steps To Ensure a Settlement

When a truck accident lawyer negotiates a settlement, the client should know exactly how much money they will receive in their pocket. Once the lawyer negotiates a final settlement, the documents required by the insurance company should be signed promptly. The client signs a settlement sheet that shows all of the disbursements for the settlement, including the attorney fees, medical expenses, and the net to the client.

Once an individual signs the release for the truck company insurance, their lawyer sends it to the insurance company for the check. The length of time it takes to receive an Oak Lawn truck accident settlement depends on several factors. It usually takes two to three weeks before the check arrives. There is nothing a client can do to speed up the process other than to sign the paperwork promptly.

How an Attorney Could Help

The decision to settle a truck accident case lies with the client in consultation with their truck accident lawyer. Some of the factors that go into the decision about whether to settle a claim is the length of time it could take if the case goes to court. Often, it is better to receive a slightly smaller amount directly rather than wait for the court process to play out. Also, expenses are incurred when a case goes to litigation could affect the final amount a client is to receive in a settlement.

Let a seasoned attorney help your case. Call today to discuss how long it takes to settle an Oak Lawn truck accident claim.