Oak Lawn Truck Accident Causes

A truck accident is one of the most terrifying experiences a person can ever have. A crash involving two cars is harrowing enough, but the added weight and momentum of a semi can cause life-threatening injuries—or even a permanent disability that prevents you from ever living life the way you had before the crash.

As Oak Lawn truck accident attorneys, we have seen the tactics trucking companies use to deny fair compensation after an accident. Truck drivers are often coached on what to say after an accident, and the company may try to hide or destroy any records that could make them liable for the crash. Our lawyers are well versed in state and federal commercial vehicle regulations, and we know exactly what to look for after a crash occurs. Call the number on this page to speak to us about what happened.

How Accidents Commonly Occur

Truck drivers are often at fault for accidents due to:

Speeding. Truck drivers may travel faster than posted speed limits in order to stay on schedule, even in rainstorms, snowy conditions, or in construction zones. Failure to maintain a safe speed not only increases the risk of the crash but makes it more likely that the crash will be fatal.

Substance abuse. Drug use among semi truck drivers has been well-documented, and can greatly impair a driver’s judgment. In drugged driving or DUI truck crash cases, injuries are likely to be severe.

Drowsy driving. Drivers are required to stick to scheduled rest breaks and sleep periods so they stay alert and focused behind the wheel. We can make the trucking company turn over its driver logbooks to discover if the driver was running afoul of federal laws.

Improper training. Untrained or unlicensed truckers can cause havoc on the roads since they do not have the knowledge or skills to handle a big rig. In some cases, drivers of municipal vehicles (such as garbage trucks and postal trucks) are not given proper training once they have been hired, causing preventable accidents with smaller vehicles.

Overloaded vehicles. Commercial trucks are rigorously tested to see how much cargo can be carried safely on highways. However, some companies overload vehicles in order to save money, making the trucks harder to maneuver and more difficult to stop suddenly.

Maintenance issues. Trucking companies are required to bring their vehicles up to code before allowing them on the roads, but some refuse to retire rigs that are not roadworthy. We can demand the company’s inspection and maintenance records to determine if negligence played a part in your accident.

Gaining Legal Representation

Our attorneys investigate every facet of your case, from documents and medical records to combine the accident scene. Call us or fill out our online contact form today to get the payment you need for your hospital bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.