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Almost any parent can tell you that having a child often keeps you up at night and prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. Most parents worry about every little thing involving their kids. They want to make sure that their children have every opportunity to get ahead in life, so they often think about how to protect and keep them safe. Unfortunately, parents cannot shield their children from everything.

Sometimes, children suffer serious injuries. If those injuries occur because of someone else’s actions or inactions, the family might have legal grounds to sue in a personal injury lawsuit. A Calumet City child injury lawyer could help you fight for justice for your injured child.

Types of Childhood Injuries

Although kids often bounce back quickly from minor accidents, their smaller sizes, developing bodies, and innocent natures leave them vulnerable to harm. Sadly, children are susceptible to suffering severe injuries in accidents because their bodies and minds are still growing and developing. Any type of serious injury can interfere with their mental or physical development and could lead to permanent damage.

Some of the most common childhood physical injuries (depending on the incident) are broken bones, cuts and lacerations that can lead to disfiguring scars, severe brain trauma, neck and back injuries, burns, soft tissue injuries, and organ damage.

Additionally, children often suffer deep psychological trauma in accidents. For some kids, the emotional pain can be just as debilitating as their physical injuries. Following a dog bite, a child might no longer be comfortable around dogs. The fear could be so debilitating that it could interfere with their ability to participate in sports, visit their friends’ houses, or even walk down their street.

A trusted Calumet City attorney understands how devastating childhood injuries can be and could work to get the child and their family the money they need to set things right.

What Can Cause Injuries to a Minor?

When children get hurt because of another party’s negligence or misconduct, their family might have legal grounds to file suit. Some of the most common examples of misconduct or negligence that can lead to childhood injuries are the following:

  • Automobile accidents – At-fault drivers, manufacturers of defective parts, governmental agencies in charge of roadway repairs, car owners, and employers of at-fault drivers could all be potential defendants in a childhood injury claim involving a car crash.
  • Medical malpractice
  • Mishandling of a dog, leading to a dog bite
  • Sporting and recreation accidents due to carelessness
  • Use of a dangerous product
  • Intentional child abuse
  • Negligent supervision by caregivers leading to slip and falls or a child wandering off

A Calumet City child injury lawyer could investigate how a child’s injury happened and look into all possible avenues of compensation.

Since a minor cannot file a claim themselves, their parent or guardian must do so on their behalf. The statute of limitations does not close until two years after the child’s 18th birthday.

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Watching your child endure a painful injury is difficult. Knowing it came from someone else’s negligence makes the pain even worse.

If you believe someone else harmed your child either through their negligence or deliberate wrongful actions, you should consider taking legal action. You could obtain financial damages that you could use to make life better for your injured child. Having McCready Law at your side could make a difference in your child’s well-being. Call a Calumet City injury lawyer as soon as you can.