Oak Lawn Pool Accident Liability Lawyer

A premises liability pool accident is defined in Oak Lawn as the pool owner’s negligence in taking steps to avoid allowing unauthorized people to swim or to supervise those who are authorized. Swimming pools pose a particular risk of injury. If a pool owner is negligent, someone could sustain serious injuries or even wrongful death from drowning. Swimming pool cases usually fall into two categories. A person who has sustained injuries as a result of a pool accident should consult with a credible injury attorney. An Oak Lawn pool accident liability lawyer can work with you to see that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Local Laws Regarding Swimming Pool Safety

Most municipalities, including Atlanta, have rules and regulations regarding swimming pools. Often, laws regulate where a pool may be built. For example, a person cannot construct a swimming pool too close to property lines where it may cause instability in the ground, and they must be kept away from electrical wires and other rights of way. Often, towns and cities regulate the sizes and types of fencing around swimming pools, and if a pool owner does not comply with the law and someone is injured, the owner can be held negligent.

Common Injuries Sustained in Pool Accidentes

Unfortunately, swimming pool injuries often result in serious bodily harm or even death. If someone drowns in a pool and the owner is negligent, they will be liable for wrongful death. Another common injury in swimming pool accidents is broken bones/sprains. Those often result from slippery surfaces or tripping hazards in and around swimming pools. While pool injuries are rare, one must always be careful around pools and while swimming. Any person who has suffered such injuries should get in contact with an Oak Lawn pool accident liability lawyer to get started on building an injury claim today.

Impact of the Incident Occurring on Private, Commercial, or Public Property

In Atlanta, the ownership of a swimming pool makes a difference as to who has the duty that is owed to swimmers. A lawyer will be able to tell a person the responsibility incurred according to which type of ownership of the pool, whether it is private, commercial, or public. Public pools usually are owned and operated by a municipality, and commercial ones by hotels and water parks. Each has a duty of not being negligent, but what is considered negligence varies from place to place.

Common Pool Accident Victims

A swimming pool injury can happen to anyone. Children are particularly vulnerable to swimming pool injuries due to their lack of experience around pools and their pool-swimming ability. For that reason, swimming pool owners must take particular safety measures to protect children from swimming pool hazards. Although children may be the most vulnerable, all people should recognize the hazards surrounding swimming pools. With such an accident being especially common amongst children, it is important to reach out to an Oak Lawn pool accident liability lawyer to see what compensation can be rewarded

What is the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine?

The law recognizes that certain conditions of the land can be particularly attractive to children, and swimming pools fall into that category. The attractive nuisance doctrine under the law holds that swimming pool owners must take certain safety steps to protect against harming children even if the children are trespassing.

Typically, the landowner owes very little duty to trespassers, but the law carves out an exception for children trespassers who are drawn to a condition of the property that may be attractive to kids, and trespassing children may not recognize or appreciate the dangers of it, such as a swimming pool. Under the attractive nuisance doctrine, pool owners owe a duty of a reasonable care, even to trespassing children.

Seeking an Oak Lawn Pool Accident Liability Attorney

Filing a personal injury claim could be a potentially long and complicated process. It is always wise to consult with an attorney before taking any sort of action. An Oak Lawn pool accident liability lawyer could tell you if your claim is eligible for compensation. An attorney could also help with preparing your case for mitigation as well as being a professional legal representative and consultant on your behalf. Do not hesitate, schedule a consultation today.