Oak Lawn Construction Accident Lawyer

Due to the dangerous nature of construction sites, accidents may occur at a high rise building, a commercial building, or a residential building or anywhere in a building that is being built. A construction personal injury case could include any accident that occurs on premises which are not complete and are open to the public. Speak to an Oak Lawn construction accident lawyer to learn your legal options following an injury. A knowledgeable premises liability attorney could champion your case and may be able to recover damages on your behalf.

Common Injuries That May Occur

Oak Lawn attorneys may be familiar with different types of injuries from construction site accidents. Back injuries could be caused by the negligence of a third party and injured workers their back while lifting may have a workers’ compensation case. Other common injuries may include crash injuries which could result in a workers’ compensation case or a third-party case. Many construction injuries result in a torn rotator cuff since lifting is such an important part of the construction work.

Construction Site Injuries vs Other Personal Injuries

Construction injuries may be more severe than other personal injuries due to the hazardous nature of work sites. Contrary to a slip and fall case that may result in a sprain or strain, construction injuries typically result in surgery. The cause of the injury could dictate whether a person has a workers’ compensation case, a third-party case, or both. An Oak Lawn construction accident lawyer could advise someone on their rights and what damages are recoverable.

Accidents Are Not Limited to Construction Workers

A construction site personal injury could happen to anyone and is not limited to people employed in the construction industry. Bystanders may be injured due to negligence from a builder. Pedestrians could also be injured by debris from a construction site. Builders may not adequately clean up after construction, which could result in injuries. Builders may also be negligent in the way a structure is constructed, which could lead to personal injuries. People may incorrectly think only construction workers could be hurt in a construction case. Any person could be hurt when a builder is negligent. A construction accident attorney could help individuals in Oak Lawn pursue a claim if they were injured in a construction accident.

Who is Liable for an Employees Injuries?

When there are many different trades working at a construction site, one contractor may be negligent and cause injury to another contractor. A third-party case could be placed against the negligent contractor in such a circumstance. There may also be a case against the general contractor. An injury could be caused by the negligence of a co-employee or even the worker himself and the injured worker may have a workers’ compensation case against their employer.

Call an Oak Lawn Construction Accident Attorney

While job site safety may have improved dramatically over the years, construction site injuries still result. If a person has been hurt on a construction site, an Oak Lawn construction accident attorney could give a free evaluation of a plaintiff’s rights in a construction accident. Call today.