Mistakes to Avoid After an Indianapolis Car Accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, it is natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed. However, one small error could mean missing out on thousands of dollars in compensation.

Fortunately, an experienced car accident attorney can put you on the right track. Below, we address common mistakes to avoid after an Indianapolis car accident.

Admitting Fault

Many people fail to realize that simply apologizing after an accident can have serious legal ramifications. Following a car accident, those involved should not admit fault at the scene or at any time afterward. Even if they feel the accident may have been their fault, they do not have the information available to make that decision. When police arrive at the scene, it is best to explain only the facts of the accident without drawing any conclusions as to fault.

Refusing Medical Care

After any accident, it is important to seek medical attention. Some people do not think they are injured at all, but the rush of adrenaline that happens during an accident often masks pain for hours or even days.

Some people may be reluctant to seek medical care because they lack health insurance or feel their other obligations are more important. However, medical treatment is important for their health, and skipping it is a major mistake people often make after an Indianapolis car accident.

The longer someone takes to receive medical treatment, the harder it is to prove that certain injuries were caused by the auto collision. Following a car crash, an insurance company closely evaluates medical treatments and injuries. Refusing medical treatment will lead them to conclude that perhaps the person was not really injured in the accident, or their injuries were not as severe as they claim.

Not Following Doctor Recommendations

Another common mistake after a motor vehicle accident is the failure to follow a doctor’s advice. This can be used against victims in a personal injury case. Similarly, stopping treatment—even for a short period of time—and then trying to resume it again will harm one’s chances of gaining compensation.

To insurance companies, any gaps in treatment are red flags. A continuous course of treatment is always going to result in a stronger value for the case.

Giving A Recorded Statement

After an accident, the insurance company calls the individuals involved and tries to get recorded statements. A person should never agree to this. The adjuster will always try to minimize the payout of the claim and will often phrase questions in a certain way to try to minimize the payout of the claim. The adjuster is trained to do this to save the insurance company money.

Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer can handle all communications with the insurance company so that their client is not left vulnerable.

Accepting a Check From the Insurance Company

Another tactic utilized by insurance adjusters is offering the injured party a check quickly after the accident occurs. Victims may need fast cash to cover an assortment of bills related to their accident; but it is a mistake to accept the first settlement check, as it prohibits them from receiving any additional compensation—regardless of how serious their injuries may be.

Never let the insurance company determine the value of a car accident case. Instead, a person should consult a lawyer prior to accepting any check from the insurance company.

Not Calling a Legal Professional

It is a mistake for a person to handle a car accident claim on their own in Indianapolis. Insurance adjusters are only looking to handle the claim in a manner that benefits the insurance company.

Any person who is injured in an accident needs an advocate on their side. There is a common misconception that hiring a lawyer is expensive and complicated, but this is not the case. Even after paying a lawyer a percentage of a settlement following a car crash, plaintiffs typically walk away with more money than if they handled the claim themselves.

Since many lawyers provide free consultations, an injured person should always speak with a lawyer promptly after any car accident to determine the best course of action.

Contact Our Indianapolis Attorney to Avoid Mistakes After a Car Accident

There are numerous mistakes to avoid after an Indianapolis car accident but a skilled attorney helps people avoid some of these common pitfalls.

By making the right choices during this critical time, you can set your claim up for success and maximize your settlement amount. For legal guidance, contact McCready Law today.