Indianapolis Highway Accident Lawyer

Indiana is a road trip state, from the excitement of Indianapolis to the bucolic Amish towns to the fascinating Indiana Dunes. However, there is plenty of commuter traffic, and with harsh winters, highway accidents are an unfortunate reality. We have trustworthy car accident attorneys who can help accident victims seeking compensation for their losses. An Indianapolis highway accident lawyer could counsel someone hurt in a collision and help determine if they are entitled to money.

Reasons a Highway Crash Occurs

In Indianapolis, highway hazards can lead to accidents. However, hazards are risk factors, not excuses, and drivers must still drive with the following conditions in mind:

  • Weather conditions: black ice, flooding, winter weather, and high winds can make driving risky.
  • Commuting: commuters may be routine drivers, but a false sense of comfort may make them take risks.
  • Poor roads and construction: potholes, narrowed lanes, and loose gravel can cause accidents.
  • Deer and other wildlife: deer cause many single-vehicle accidents and multiple vehicle accidents as cars may make dangerous maneuvers to avoid animals.
  • Congestion: the stop and go of heavy traffic is a breeding ground for rear-ending and lane switching accidents.

In many situations like the ones above, another party is liable for allowing a crash to occur. A highway collision attorney in Indianapolis could help identify the parties and name them in a suit. A empty highway

Modified Comparative Negligence

In this state, like with all other “fault” states, licensed drivers are required to have minimum insurance coverage in case of an accident. If there is one or more other vehicles involved, the drivers bring claims to the other driver’s insurance companies. The other driver’s insurance company will determine if it owes the claimant money, and if so, how much. If the insurance company determines that they will not pay, or will not pay enough to compensate the victim, then the claimant can seek damages in a court of law. Personal injury attorneys are skilled in determining both fault and damages in these kinds of situations.

Recoverable Losses and Timeline to File

Not only could a plaintiff recover damages for medical bills and damage to the vehicle, he or she can recover damages for other losses that are not as immediate but just as harmful, such as:

  • Temporary or permanent disfigurement or disability
  • Loss of employment or employment opportunities due to injuries
  • Loss of a loved one or the support of a loved one or family member
  • Loss of income due to medical issues, loss of the vehicle, or disability
  • Severe emotional distress from the accident
  • Pain and suffering from the accident and the injuries.

A plaintiff could also be awarded punitive damages, which are intended to punish defendants if their behavior or negligence was especially bad. In this state, punitive damages can be up to three times the compensatory damages or $50,000, whichever is greater.

Plaintiffs and their Indianapolis highway crash lawyer have up to two years after the accident to file a lawsuit, but there are exceptions to the rule:

  • An injured minor has up to two years after their 20th birthday to file suit.
  • 180-day deadline if filing against a city or county
  • 270-day deadline if filing against the state

It is important to call a lawyer quickly to determine what the true statute of limitations will be.

Talk With an Indianapolis Attorney After You Were Injured in a Highway Accident

Vehicles drive at high speeds on the highway, making an accident potentially devastating. If you have been hurt in a highway accident in Indianapolis, a lawyer could help you recover damages to get your life back on track. McCready Law offers free consultations of your potential case.