Contacting an Attorney After a Car Accident in Indianapolis

It is important to speak to an experienced car accident attorney following an incident that produces serious injury. Insurance company adjusters will try to take advantage of individuals who do not have a lawyer and force a lowball settlement quickly. When you contact an attorney after a car accident in Indianapolis, you could get valuable advice on how to produce your claim for damages and navigate the defendant’s legal team.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Because of the population density and the sheer number of vehicles on the roads, car crashes are common in Indianapolis. The most common type is a rear-end collision, which typically occurs when one driver fails to pay attention to traffic and strikes the rear of the vehicle in front of them. Another common cause is the failure to obey traffic signals. This can happen when someone runs a red light and causes an accident with another vehicle that has the right of way.

There are some other types of accidents that are less common, but anytime two vehicles come into contact with each other, and one or more parties is negligent, then a car accident case will arise. In certain situations, a vehicle might crash due to a defective product or hazardous roadways, which may lead to a claim against a company or municipal government. Contacting a car crash attorney in Indianapolis is the best way to confirm who should be the target of a lawsuit.

Important Things to Know About Auto Collision Claims

It is important to speak with an experienced attorney because insurance companies want to limit the amount they have to pay to injured individuals, and they will do anything to lower the payout. A lawyer will be in the best position to look out for a plaintiff’s interests.

There are several misconceptions people have about car accidents. The first misconception is that simply because there is an accident, an injured person entitled to compensation. In fact, they must first prove the accident was the fault of someone else and that they sustained economic damages because of it. The value of a case is based on the extent of the injuries. If they are in an accident and did not suffer any harm, there will not be a recovery for damages.

A lawyer could advise someone on how to present the incident in such a way that it leads to the best settlement possible.

Importance of Calling a Lawyer Early

While it is always advisable to contact an Indianapolis lawyer as soon as possible following a vehicle accident, this is not always possible. The sooner a person has an attorney representing them, the likelier they are to have a successful settlement at the end. A lawyer will know the pitfalls that could occur, which will not be clear to those who do not have legal training.

The insurance company will do everything possible to minimize the claim and the amount of damages they pay out. However, a lawyer receives a percentage of the settlements, and for this reason, they will try to obtain the best settlement possible for the injured party.

Contact an Indianapolis Lawyer After an Auto Collision

You may be in pain after a major impact on the road, and concerned about your family or how it will affect other areas of your life. But it is still critically important to contact an attorney after a car accident in Indianapolis. McCready Law could lay out your next steps for recovery, so call us or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation.