Settling a Car Accident Case in Indianapolis

When you sustain injuries after a car accident, you have legal options available. Many cases will settle out of court without a lawsuit, while others will require a lawsuit to be filed, but most of those will settle prior to going to trial. Only you can make the final decision to settle your case, but it is always advisable to contact an experienced car accident attorney prior to attempting to settle a case yourself.

Every case is different, and the amount of the offer is your primary consideration regarding whether settling a car accident case in Indianapolis is right for you.

Necessary Documentation

There are several documents an injured person should bring to the appointment with their lawyer. The first item is a police report or any documentation provided by the police following the accident. Any correspondence from any insurance company is also important to share.

Finally, if they have any medical bills, discharge papers, or medical records, those should be provided. Their lawyer could order many of these documents, but if the injured party has them, it is helpful to bring them to the initial appointment where both they could discuss the option of settling a car accident case in Indianapolis.

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Refusing a Settlement Offer

There are many reasons to settle or not settle a case. Agreeing to a settlement means the case is resolved and there is no chance for appeal. Any case that goes to trial has the opportunity to obtain a higher payout for the injured party when the verdict is given, but this is not a guarantee. The payout decided in the verdict could be lower than the settlement offer. A trial is a very stressful time, and even with a good result, many people regret having gone through the process of a jury trial.

An injured person may prefer to settle a case quickly, rather than pursue the case to a jury trial, for economic reasons. All these considerations should be discussed with an experienced personal injury lawyer. The decision to settle a case always rests with the injured party and not their lawyer, although a lawyer in Indianapolis could provide helpful advice when reaching a decision about settling a car accident case.

The Settlement Process

When a demand for settlement is made to the insurance company, they will often respond with an offer. There may be a series of negotiations back and forth. This may take place very quickly over the course of one day or stretch over months or even years. At some point, the insurance company may make a settlement offer that is acceptable to the plaintiff.

The next step is for a lawyer to send written releases to the insurance company in exchange for the settlement check. Typically, after agreeing to a settlement, the injured person should receive their settlement check within approximately 30 days.

Consult an Indianapolis Attorney About Settling Your Auto Accident Case

It is always advisable to consult with an experienced attorney when you have been injured in an accident. A lawyer will have the experience to best evaluate the possible outcomes for your case. Insurance adjusters will often take advantage of injured people who do not retain an attorney because those people do not know the true value of their potential case.

Do not try to settle your case without legal help. An Indianapolis lawyer could give you all the information you need before you settle your car accident claim. Call our office to schedule your free consultation.