Beech Grove Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles can give their riders an escape from their everyday lives by letting them hop on the back of a bike to ride away from their problems. However, most motorcyclists use the same city streets, highways, and backroads as other motor vehicles, which can cause problems. Catastrophic or even fatal injuries can happen when trucks or cars crash into bikes.

If a bike crash left you reeling and in need of help, a Beech Grove motorcycle accident lawyer could help you determine if you have a potentially viable personal injury claim.

Steps Injured Bikers Should Take After a Motorcycle Crash

After experiencing a serious motorcycle crash, many riders may be in shock and unsure of what to do next. If they ever want to file a lawsuit to get compensated for their losses, they need to follow certain steps.

Document the Scene

If possible, a motorbike collision survivor should try to document the accident scene, if it is safe. They should take pictures and write down the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Get a Medical Check Up

After a crash, some bikers want to go straight home to get away from the chaos of the scene or because they are experiencing an adrenaline rush that prevents them from feeling the effects of any injuries. However, even if a motorcycle crash survivor thinks they are alright, they should still see a physician as soon as possible. A doctor might identify injuries, such as a concussion or internal injuries, that are not easy for someone to self-diagnose. A medical examination could also give an injured biker a clear written record of all the injuries they sustained in the crash, so that the defendant cannot later claim some of those injuries occurred after the accident.

Keep Track of Medical Expenses

An injured motorcycle rider should take care to hold onto all their medical records and bills relating to their treatments. For instance, if they take a taxi to get to a doctor’s appointment, they should hold onto that receipt from the cab ride. A skilled Beech Grove attorney could help them use those records as proof of economic damages in a motorcycle accident suit.

Keep Quiet About the Bike Crash

One critical mistake that some motorcyclists make is discussing their accident with friends or relatives, or posting about it on social media. Injured plaintiffs should only talk about the incident with their doctors and attorneys, or risk revealing something that might hurt their case.

Acting Quickly to File a Claim

People who have experienced a traumatic collision and are now trying to recover might be overwhelmed. They might want to take time to rest and work on getting better before considering their legal options. However, waiting too long before filing a motorcycle lawsuit can make them unintentionally forfeit their right to sue. In order to protect their legal rights, state law requires injured bike riders to file a claim within two years.

It is essential to speak with a Beech Grove attorney who understands everything involved in motorcycle crash lawsuits as soon as possible. A seasoned legal team could begin working on building the strongest claim using all relevant evidence. The sooner they can begin their work, the more likely it is that the evidence is still available.

Talk to a Beech Grove Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle crashes frequently result in devastating, life-altering injuries. Injured bike riders often need to undergo painful and costly medical treatments that can continue for many months and years. These accidents leave some bikers with permanent injuries that can limit their mobility, ability to work, or participate in their regular activities.

When you have experienced the life-changing impact of a motorcycle collision, you need someone on your side. Talk to a Beech Grove motorcycle accident lawyer about how to get the assistance you need.