Beech Grove Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses like IndyGo and Greyhound are a comfortable and economical way to travel. They are safer than a car or motorcycle because of their large size, but that size can do a lot of damage to others in an accident.

Bus accident lawsuits differ depending on who owns the bus. School buses are owned by the county or private entities that contract with school districts. Companies such as Greyhound can be sued in the same way any lawsuit might be handled by one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. After an incident in which you are injured due to a driver’s carelessness, contact a Beech Grove bus accident lawyer to learn your options for compensation.

When Negligence Causes Bus Accidents

Bus drivers are required to carry commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) that allow them to transport passengers. If they are careless, untrained, or do not carry a CDL and cause an accident, they and the bus company through vicarious liability could be held responsible. An attorney could argue that hiring an unqualified driver was equally negligent.

Plaintiffs must prove negligence to win a lawsuit. They must present evidence to the jury that the defendant had a duty to ensure their safety, and they breached that duty, which caused the accident that injured the plaintiff. A bus driver who is inattentive is breaching the duty to transport passengers safely. If the driver crashes into another bus, injuring passengers, that likely establishes negligence. Other possible defendants in bus accidents include:

  • Motorists who try to drive around a school bus with children disembarking, hitting them in the crosswalk
  • Marion County IndyGo if buses are improperly maintained
  • The owner of a private bus company, such as charter services or interstate carriers
  • The private bus company’s insurance company
  • The manufacturer if there are defective parts or systems that contribute to an accident

A Beech Grove bus accident attorney considers the totality of the accident to determine if there is more than one defendant to hold responsible.

School and Public Bus Injuries and Government Defendants

The government has made it more difficult, although not impossible, to sue for accidents caused by its employee bus drivers.

Along with special notice requirements, under the Indiana Tort Claims Act, private citizens suing government bodies will be scrutinized under Indiana’s old contributory negligence laws instead of the current modified comparative negligence laws. When suing government bodies, plaintiffs cannot be responsible for any percentage of the accident, or the action will fail. When the government is not the defendant, plaintiffs can win damages awards as long as they are not more at fault than defendants. Talk to a bus accident attorney familiar with government defendants if an accident involves a county school bus or public transportation.

Minimum Insurance Under Federal Law

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates minimum insurance requirements for trucks and buses. Buses that can transport more than 15 people are required to carry at least $5 million in liability insurance. Buses that transport fewer than 15 passengers must carry a minimum of $1.5 million in liability insurance.

Seek Justice and Compensation From a Beech Grove Bus Accident Attorney

If you are hit by a bus, your injuries may demand a long recuperative period. If you are a passenger on a public or private bus, an accident may warrant medical attention and possible time away from work. You should not have to shoulder the bills if you are not responsible for the injuries that led to them.

You need a skilled negotiator who is not intimidated by insurance company adjusters who lowball settlements and will not settle for any less than you deserve. Call our office today to begin the legal process for compensation with a Beech Grove bus accident lawyer by your side.