Orland Park Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The beautiful landscape in this state makes for perfect riding terrain for avid cyclists. Bicycle riders enjoy the exercise, freedom, and money they save by pedaling instead of driving. Unfortunately, cycling can also be hazardous if motorists around them do not follow safety laws. Crashes could occur that leave the bike rider with severe, life-changing injuries and property damages.

Cyclists should have the rights to the road that Illinois laws allow them, and motorists will be held accountable when accidents happen because of negligence. If you have sustained injuries while biking, a diligent personal injury attorney could help you recover compensation. Contact a seasoned Orland Park bicycle accident lawyer to schedule a time to review your incident’s details.

State Laws on Sharing the Road

Bicycle-riding enthusiasts have the same rights and responsibilities on roadways as motorists. Cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians all must do their part to ensure the safety of others around them.

Bicycle Laws

Following safety regulations could help avoid accidents and severe injuries. Bicycle laws concerning how to share the road with motorists include:

  • Adhering to the same signals, signs, and traffic laws as vehicle drivers
  • Ensuring visibility at all times
  • Traveling with the flow of traffic and as far to the right side as is safe
  • Alerting other drivers by using hand signals

The laws also strictly prohibit cyclists from traveling on limited-access highways.

Motorist Laws

As per the Illinois Vehicle Code 625 ILCS 5/, drivers must respect cyclists on the roadways. If they pass a bicycle, they must leave at least three feet or more between the automobile and the bike. Other rules include:

  • Preventing dooring accidents
  • If passing a bike in a no-passing zone, the motorist must travel at no more than half of the speed limit until they safely pass
  • Ensuring the road is clear of cyclists before turning
  • Staying mindful of bicycle paths and coming to a complete stop at crosswalks

An attorney in Orland Park could investigate a bicycle accident and review the evidence to determine if the motorist failed to follow safety regulations.

Recovering Compensation for Bicycle Accidents

When a motorist collides with a bicycle, there will often be wounds and property damages. Catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) could occur, which can have a devastating effect on the rider’s life and finances.

If an Orland Park bike crash attorney successfully proves the motorist is liable for the damages, the cyclist could collect compensation under the following categories.

Medical Expenses

Compensation could be awarded for current and future medical expenses relative to the accident. This might include the initial emergency room visit, follow-up care, surgeries, and drug prescriptions.

Loss of Pay

Payment could cover wages lost while recovering, such as current and future salary, benefits, and future earning potential.

Emotional Distress

The court could award compensation to cover pain and suffering, mental pain and anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. This category covers all psychological repercussions related to the accident.

Call an Experienced Orland Park Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle accidents often cause far-reaching repercussions that could negatively impact the rider for the rest of their life. If you have been hurt in one of these incidents due to someone else’s negligence, you could be awarded compensation that would better enable you to focus on healing.

Personal injury laws and the process to recover damages can be long and complex. Let a compassionate and hard-working Orland Park bicycle accident lawyer help guide you through the process. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.