Orland Park Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When you make the difficult decision to place your loved one in a nursing home, you trust that they may receive proper care and treatment. Abuse and negligence in nursing homes is an unfortunate occurrence that often goes undetected because victims may be afraid to speak up.

If you suspect your loved one is being abused by their nursing home staff, an Orland Park nursing home abuse lawyer could help you hold the facility accountable, and get the damages to compensate for the mistreatment. Reach out to a caring personal injury attorney as soon as possible that could help to begin building your case.

Typical Types of Nursing Home Abuse

According to the National Center for Elder Abuse, elder abuse could take many forms, including:

  • Physical abuse: Physical abuse includes physical actions that could be expected to result in pain, bodily harm, or impairment
  • Sexual abuse: Sexual contact without a senior’s consent or with a senior who is unable to provide consent is sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse: Inflicting pain or distress through verbal or non-verbal actions is considered emotional abuse
  • Neglect: Neglect includes failing to provide a senior with the care they need to live comfortably
  • Abandonment: Desertion of a senior by someone with responsibility for caring for them constitutes abandonment
  • Financial abuse: Financial abuse involves the illegal or improper use of an elderly person’s assets or other property
  • Self-neglect: This type of neglect means the senior engages in behaviors that threaten their safety or health

Even if a resident does not complain of inappropriate behavior, warning signs such as bedsores, fractures, or increased agitation may indicate that a resident has experienced abuse.

Resident Rights in Orland Park

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services aims to protect nursing home residents with its comprehensive list of rights. Among the rights to which residents may be entitled are:

  • To be treated with respect
  • To be free from abuse and neglect
  • To be free from restraints

The document also advises that residents have the right to complain to staff without fear of punishment and recommends residents report incidents of mistreatment to the nursing home, their local long-term care ombudsman, or state survey agency.

Illinois’ Nursing Home Care Act states that nursing home owners, administrators, or employees may not abuse or neglect a resident and must report incidents when they become aware of them. Despite these and other legal protections, abusive behavior may still occur in Orland Park nursing homes, causing residents to suffer damages such as medical costs incurred as a result of the neglect, pain, and suffering, and disfigurement.

Bringing an Abuse Cause of Action

If a resident suffers preventable harm due to the actions of nursing home staff, they or a loved one could file a claim against the nursing home for failing to fulfill its duty to the resident. When bringing a cause of action, such as for negligent supervision and care, negligent hiring, or negligent maintenance of facilities, the plaintiff has two years from the date of the resident’s injury to proceed.

Let an Orland Park Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Help

Seniors are often unable to fight for themselves. If your loved one has been injured as a result of a nursing home staff’s abusive actions, an Orland Park nursing home abuse lawyer could help you stand up for them and for what is right. Call today to discuss your situation and get what you deserve.