Orland Park Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses provide Orland Park residents with an excellent form of transportation. They are convenient, economically practical, and safe, and countless residents depend on them daily.

Even so, while they are not typical, a bus accident usually causes more injuries and damages than other accidents. That is because the size of the vehicles makes them particularly hazardous when operators are negligent. Schedule to meet with an Orland Park bus accident lawyer for more information. One of our hard-working personal injury attorneys could answer any questions you may have.

The Law Holds Bus Operators at the Highest Level of Duty of Care

Bus drivers – or common carriers – undergo extensive training and must pass commercial driver testing before getting behind the wheel. Because they carry passengers, the laws hold the bus and other public transportation drivers at the highest level of duty of care.

They must follow every rule and take precautions to ensure they transport passengers safely at all times. Per the Illinois Department of Human Services, the primary responsibility of bus operators in this state is to ensure the safety and physical well-being of the passengers they carry.

What is Duty of Care?

Duty of care is the legal responsibility everyone has to follow regulations and use caution when completing acts that could cause harm to others. It includes driving, working, or doing recreational activities. While it is the standard for everyone to act as prudent as any reasonable person, laws hold common carriers at a higher standard.

The regulations exist because common carriers are responsible for transporting passengers, and the massive size of buses makes them hazardous during accidents. An Orland Park bus accident attorney could answer questions about the duty of care and the liability of the vehicle operators.

The Common Injuries in Bus Collisions

Buses do not provide the same safety equipment, such as seatbelts and airbags, that other vehicles do. Thus, an accident can lead to severe and life-threatening or fatal injuries. Some of the common injuries in bus collisions include:

Bus passengers also commonly suffer whiplash and other painful soft tissue injuries during accidents, which could be compensable in a claim.

Damage Recovery After a Bus Crash

The massive size and weight of buses make crashes more hazardous than regular passenger car accidents. They often cause passengers and people outside the bus to suffer severe injuries and property damage. Because the laws hold common carriers to the highest standard of care, civil legislation entitles passengers to compensation for damages after accidents. An award would potentially cover the following:

  • Medical expenses and the cost of future care, if necessary
  • Lost income, benefits, and future earning potential
  • Loss of enjoyment and quality of life
  • Mental, emotional, and physical pain and suffering

A knowledgeable bus accident lawyer in Orland Park could answer questions and make a push for a fair settlement amount that covers all losses.

Meet With a Qualified Orland Park Bus Accident Attorney Today

Using the bus to commute or run errands saves money, time, and a lot of frustration that you could face when dealing with traffic. However, when a driver is careless and creates an incident, it can have many adverse consequences in your life.

Crashes may leave you with painful injuries, missing time from work, and require expensive and ongoing medical care. Thus, you have the legal right to collect compensation to cover the damages. Schedule a consultation with a skilled Orland Park bus accident lawyer to get a free consultation on your case.