Oak Lawn Boat Accident Lawyer

There are many bodies of water nearby for boaters to take advantage of. As the temperature rises, so does the number of excited boaters out on the waterways. Unfortunately, many boating accidents result in severe injuries and property damage every year. If this has happened to you, a seasoned personal injury attorney could provide assistance.

When a boat operator does not follow safety precautions and regulations, and causes damage, the court could hold them financially responsible. If you suffered injuries on a watercraft, contact an Oak Lawn boat accident lawyer to schedule a consultation.

Common Reasons for Boat and Watercraft Crashes

There are many reasons that boating accidents occur each year. Some of the more common causes for crashes are listed below.

Operating the Boat While Under the Influence

Operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be more dangerous than drunk driving in a vehicle. One reason is that drinking while in the sun can intensify the feeling of intoxication. Laws prohibit operating a watercraft while under the influence. When a boater under the influence of drugs or alcohol causes compensable damages, the court will hold them financially and criminally accountable.

Speeding and Reckless Boating

Sometimes boaters get carried away while having fun and end up operating the watercraft unsafely. Speeding and reckless boat operation is another common cause of accidents leading to severe injury or death. The law will hold irresponsible boat operators liable for damages they cause.

Inexperience or Inattention of the Boat Operator

To drive a road-based vehicle, a person must take a class and pass a test, but there are no laws regarding operating a boat. It is not uncommon for eager boat purchasers to pick the boat up and begin using it without paying much regard to safe operation. Inexperience and inattention can quickly lead to a disaster out on the water that leaves many people in harm’s way.

Overly Congested Waterways Leading to Collisions

Boaters have many distractions while out in the water. If they have a group of passengers distracting them, the situation becomes more hazardous. When congested waterways are full of distracted boat operators, it is easy for a collision to occur, with severe or even fatal consequences. An Oak Lawn boat accident injury attorney could investigate and help determine the cause of the accident.

Recreational Boat Registration and Safety Act

Recreational boat owners must safely operate their watercraft and do their part to prevent accidents and injuries. Under 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 45/, boaters must always promote safety for the people and property around them while operating their motorboat, watercraft, or vessel. Operators must always act lawfully and under all state laws and safety regulations.

When a negligent boater does not follow the rules and causes damages to passengers or those around them, the law will hold them accountable for damages. A boat crash injury lawyer in Oak Lawn could investigate and collect the evidence to prove liability.

Meet With an Oak Lawn Boat Accident Attorney to Discuss Your Situation

Civil law may entitle you to compensation for your losses when a boater’s careless or reckless actions lead to severe injuries and property damages. Unfortunately, if the boat operator is negligent, a great day could turn tragic quickly. A skilled legal professional could help collect and evaluate the evidence to find the cause of the accident and prove liability. If you sustained damages on the water, contact a hard-working Oak Lawn boat accident lawyer to prepare your claim for damages.