Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Jess went to John Marshall Law School in downtown Chicago with the intent of pursuing a career as a personal injury attorney. While law school was the natural progression of his education after he spent his undergrad years studying political science, he has another more personal reason for his career choice.

When Jess was a child, his family was on the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident. His mother is a doctor who attempted to provide aid to the victim before he passed away. His family followed the story through the papers and eventually got to know the victim’s family. Even as a kid, Jess recognized the injustice of the insurance company trying to undervalue that man’s life and knew he wanted to be an advocate for people who experience such grievous losses.

But his story doesn’t stop there.

In high school, a car rear-ended Jess and his mother’s vehicle, rendering her unconscious. Because he was the only one awake during the aftermath of the crash, the court relied heavily on Jess’ testimony during the arbitration process. He was shocked at just how viciously the defense attorney behaved towards him – he was just a kid! Throughout the ordeal, Jess relied heavily on the calm and patient coaching of his own attorney.

After that experience, his mind was completely made up. He wanted to be that calm and helpful presence for others going through what he did. Jess is a great addition to our team because he has been in our clients’ shoes and can really understand what they are going through.

When Jess isn’t working, he’s traveling! His love of American history has also taken him to nearly 40 of the homes of former presidents! Birth homes, retirement estates, and everything in between – it’s Jess’ goal to see them all.

Jess lives in Roscoe Village with his pugs Wilbur & Milo. He’s a big fan of bowling (especially because it’s accessible during Chicago’s long winters!) and meets regularly with law school friends to practice his game.

Jess is proud to now call Chicago home and spends as much time as he can falling farther in love with the city. He’s happy to share his favorite places around town and recommends that everyone should spent at least one sunny Saturday at the Harold Washington Library. The building is exquisitely constructed and offers stellar views of Lake Michigan from its many windows.