Chesterton Bus Accident Lawyer

If you or your loved one was injured because of a bus accident, you may be eligible for legal recourse regarding your damages. Bus accidents are unfortunately common incidents with the potential for serious and widespread damages. They may be especially harmful to other vehicles and any passengers on the bus. Thankfully, Chesterton bus accident law provides compensation for many types of damages that reckless or neglectful bus drivers have caused. To learn more about any legal options you may be able to pursue, an experienced Chesterton bus accident lawyer may be able to help. Read on to learn more about how a skilled injury attorney could make a difference in your case today. En Español.

Causes of Bus Accidents in Chesterton

Bus accidents are unfortunately common in Chesterton. The most common causes of bus accidents can include:

If any of these events caused a bus accident in Chesterton, injured individuals may be eligible to obtain compensation for their damages with the help of a professional Chesterton bus accident lawyer.

Negligence in Bus Accidents

To recover damages from a bus accident, the injured party must prove that their injuries were the result of the bus driver’s negligence. Negligence is a legal term that constitutes carelessness or recklessness. Bus drivers are almost always negligent if they are disobeying a traffic law at the time of the accident. Importantly, this violation must be the cause of the accident. For example, a bus driver who was violating state law by not wearing their seatbelt would not be negligent if the bus was subsequently rear-ended by a commercial truck.

If the bus accident involves damage to its passengers, the law is even stricter. Transportation companies responsible for carrying passengers from one location to another are considered common carriers under the law. According to the Supreme Court of Indiana, common carriers must exercise the highest degree of care to secure safe travel for their paying passengers. Reach out to a bus collision attorney today for more information.

Damages from Bus Accidents

Because of size and weight of buses, the damages received from bus accidents cause can be life-altering. For individuals who collided with a bus, the injuries may be severe and can include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and concussions or other traumatic brain injuries. Bus passengers may also incur severe damage from a bus accident. Because of its weight, the sudden stopping of a bus may cause serious trouble for its passengers. Passengers without seatbelts may fall out of their seats or suffer whiplash. In more serious cases, passengers may collide with others or bus windows.

How a Chesterton Bus Accident Attorney Can Help

If you suffered an injury in a bus accident, then it can be imperative to speak a dedicated Chesterton bus accident lawyer about your legal options. For those seeking compensation from a bus that the government owns and operates such as a school bus or city transportation bus, help from a skilled Chesterton bus accident lawyer can be crucial. The law requires individuals to fill out specific claim forms within a certain time frame when bringing charges against the government.

A Chesterton bus accident lawyer may have the knowledge applicable to guide you through all proper procedures and help you seek compensation for your injuries. If you require professional legal representation for your case, do not hesitate to reach out to a determined lawyer today for your consultation.