Chesterton Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

Ridesharing services have revolutionized the transportation industry. While taking an Uber or a taxi has many advantages, the prevalence of these ridesharing services has increased the potential risk for car accidents involving rideshare drivers. Many of these accidents may result in injuries to paying passengers and to other people on the road.

If you were involved in an accident with an Uber or taxi, a Chesterton Uber/taxi accident lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation. While accident cases involving an Uber or a taxi driver may have multiple layers of insurance coverage and liability determinations, a meticulous car accident attorney could help identify liable parties and negotiate with insurance providers on your behalf.

Uber and Taxi Accident Claims

The majority of car accident claims are based on the legal theory of negligence. To recover compensation successfully, an injured accident plaintiff must demonstrate that their Uber or taxi driver had a responsibility to avoid causing harm and breached this duty through their actions. The potential plaintiff must also show that this breach directly resulted in a physical injury.

How Ubers and Taxis Complicate Auto Accident Lawsuits

Accidents involving an Uber, taxi or other ridesharing services may lead to complicated lawsuits since multiple parties may bear partial liability for the accident. Liable parties may include the drivers directly involved in an accident and the ride-sharing service or the taxi company that employed that driver.

A taxi company may bear significant liability for an accident based on their involvement or role as the driver’s employer. These companies are typically required to maintain vehicles and ensure their drivers are legally eligible to drive. Failing to conduct employment screening could be considered negligent behavior by the court and could result in a company being held civilly liable.

The Process of an Uber/Taxi Lawsuit

Before filing an Uber/taxi accident lawsuit, those who choose to consult a Chesterton attorney could look to their legal counsel to conduct an investigation. During this time, an attorney may gather evidence to file a complaint or petition and use this evidence as the basis for filing a lawsuit. This evidence may include information about a driver and their employer.

Once a plaintiff files their case, the case could proceed into discovery. During this time, additional evidence may be collected and shared between the plaintiff and defense. Concurrently, this period may include negotiations with insurance companies and time to file additional motions with the court.

If a plaintiff cannot settle their court in a satisfactory way during negotiation, their case may then proceed to the litigation phase. After both sides have presented their cases, the court typically makes a final ruling on the plaintiff’s claim and could choose to award compensation for injuries and damages.

Statute of Limitations

Filing a claim following an accident could take varying lengths of time depending on the circumstances. Before a case begins, it is important to understand the statute of limitations outlined in Indiana law. This may be true for car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and any other injury case.

Under Indiana Code §34-11-2-4, a case must be filed within two years or settled for a harmed individual to be eligible to recover compensation. While a lawsuit does not need to be resolved within this time frame, it must be filed by this deadline in order to be heard by the court. Failing to adhere to the statute of limitations could result in a plaintiff being unable to recover compensation at all. Plaintiffs are recommended to reach out to a Chesterton Uber/taxi accident lawyer immediately after a collision if they wish to file a claim on time.

Working with a Chesterton Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney

If you have suffered injuries during an accident involving a ridesharing service of any kind, a Chesterton Uber/taxi accident lawyer could help you seek civil compensation for your medical expenses, damaged property, lost wages, and suffering. Reach out to schedule an initial consultation and begin working towards recovery.