If you or your loved one suffered a catastrophic injury, your life has likely been turned upside down. Catastrophic injuries are by nature devastating since they typically involve severe injuries to the brain, spinal cord, or another crucial body part. Victims of these injuries may be paralyzed, suffering a traumatic brain injury, or dealing with an amputation.

A Chesterton catastrophic injury lawyer can help you seek the compensation you need following a catastrophic injury. Call today to set up a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Liability and Injury Cases in Chesterton

There are several parties or entities who could bear legal responsibility for causing a catastrophic accident in Chesterton. In some instances, there may be two or even more parties responsible for causing an accident. Liable parties could include:

  • Other drivers involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • Commercial trucking, transportation, or bus company
  • Sports team or recreation facility
  • Premises owners responsible for safety inspections, maintenance, and repair of property
  • Manufactures and distributors of defective products involved in a catastrophic injury

A  Chesterton catastrophic injury lawyer could advise victims on the special rules Indiana maintains when the negligent party is a government entity or medical provider.

Catastrophic Injuries and Disability

Victims with catastrophic injuries may face varying degrees of disability, including permanent partial or total disability or temporary total or partial disability. They may not be able to return to work in the same capacity as before, or they may not be able to work at all. These victims of a catastrophic injury in Chesterton may not get the same enjoyment out of their life and may not be able to fully pursue their goals and hobbies in the same way as before.

All these losses and damages can be compensated through a personal injury claim. While no monetary award can truly make up for the impact of a catastrophic injury or take away a person’s pain, an experienced catastrophic injury attorney can explain what type of damages someone is entitled to seek as compensation following a catastrophic accident

Comparative Negligence Rules

If a party acted negligently, and their negligence contributed to causing the catastrophic accident, they could be found at least partially liable for the resulting injuries in court. A practiced catastrophic accident attorney in Indiana can examine the circumstances of the catastrophic accident and determine which party or parties may bear responsibility for the person’s injuries.

However, because Indiana maintains a so-called modified comparative negligence statute, claimants who share in the fault for bringing about their own injuries can have their damage recovery reduced in proportion to their own responsibility. If the plaintiff is found to contribute more than half the fault in causing their own injuries, they may have their recovery barred completely.

Consulting a Chesterton Catastrophic Injury Attorney

A skilled Chesterton catastrophic injury attorney will have experience defending against false claims of comparative negligence, in order to protect the catastrophic injury victim’s right to recover their damages.

If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic injuries, you should consult with an experienced Chesterton catastrophic injury lawyer to learn more about your rights in seeking compensation from the party or parties whose negligence caused the accident.