Chesterton Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Countless studies have shown that driving while drunk reduces a driver’s response time, depth perception, and overall judgment. Since driving while intoxicated may increase the likelihood that a car accident will occur, the Indiana state legislature has written very specific laws to punish those who choose to drive while intoxicated. You may still face serious injuries yourself following a drunk driving accident that could bring long-term pain and concerns about how you will pay medical expenses. A Chesterton drunk driving car accident lawyer may be able to help. A dedicated car crash attorney could help you seek compensation for your injuries, pain, and damaged property by filing a civil claim.

Negligence Laws in an Injury Case

When a person drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and causes an accident, they could be held liable for injuries under the theory of negligence per se. This legal theory may be applicable if a car accident attorney in Chesterton could demonstrate that a drunk driver broke the law in a way that amounted to a gross violation of their duty to drive safely.

A cited violation of Indiana Code §9-30-5, which makes driving under the influence a class C misdemeanor, could be strong evidence to support a claim for compensation and help injured people recover losses from the at-fault party. A criminal violation alone might not immediately lead to recovery for plaintiffs. Harmed people must bring a civil lawsuit in order to seek compensation.

Common Injuries from Car Crashes

While the extent and severity of an injury may depend on numerous factors, the majority of injuries that a person could sustain in an accident might require medical attention. Some common severe injuries associated with drunk driving accidents may include:

People may need extensive medical treatment due to the pain associated with these injuries. This may include lengthy hospital stays. While the costs associated with drunk driving accident injuries might be considerable, a Chesterton drunk driving car accident attorney could help injured people seek compensation for medical expenses.

Recoverable Damages for Plaintiffs

People who drive under the influence and cause accidents almost always face criminal charges for their actions. While the criminal justice system does not offer people injured in such accidents a direct method to seek personal reparations, plaintiffs typically pursue compensation for any costs incurred due to an accident by filing a civil lawsuit.

Those seeking recovery may benefit from having experienced legal counsel outline the process for filing a claim and help them evaluate the value of their losses. Compensable damages typically include the costs of medical expenses or property damage, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, and general pain and suffering.

The court in a civil case may also choose to award punitive damages. Punitive damages are a type of compensation given to the injured party to punish behavior the court deems to be especially reckless. Such behavior may include intoxication, texting, and other potential driving distractions. These may be awarded solely at the discretion of the court and are might not be relevant in every case. 

Reaching Out to a Chesterton Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Suffering a serious injury from a drunk driving accident could have a substantial financial impact on you and your family. If you suffered injury after an accident a drunk driver caused, a Chesterton drunk driving car accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your injuries. Call today to discuss your case, explain the events leading to your accident, and learn more about your legal options.