Jeremy Wang

If asked, Jeremy might be quick to tell you he is just a regular guy. The truth is, he is better described as a stand-up guy, and our firm is beyond excited to have him as a member of our legal team. Although well immersed in his role as a personal injury attorney, Jeremy is multi-faceted. When asked – most kids would have said that their family is from Bridgeport or Beverly.Growing up as a child of an immigrant family in the far southwest suburbs of Chicago, Jeremy told his classmates that his family is from Taiwan. After finishing high school, Jeremy embarked on his educational journey to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he majored in the life sciences. From there he later went on to attend law school at Southern Illinois University.

While in law school, Jeremy began his legal career at the helm of the criminal justice system at the Cook County States Attorneys’ Office. He also became a representative of the Graduate and Professional Student Council at Southern Illinois University.  After graduation, Jeremy took a break from public service to become a private criminal, traffic, and DUI defense lawyer. In his own words, “I champion the underdog.” He loves fighting for the little guy although he is far from little. Jeremy stands at an attention getting 6 feet tall with an engaging personality to match his height.

In fun conversations at the water cooler with Jeremy, you are apt to discover his appreciation for Bruce Lee, Manny Pacquiao, and Tiger Woods.  He is also a fan of the 90’s old-school hip hop beats of the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan and the lyrical genius of 2Pac Shakur. Jeremy’s appreciation for cultural diversity makes a perfect fit for the inclusive platform of our firm and a far more interesting lunch date – you can count on him to know all the best taco spots and where to get the best food truck eats Chicago has to offer.

As a former criminal justice attorney, Jeremy is happy to give back to the community which has been responsible for his continued growth and success. Jeremy is passionate about education and holds a county seat serving as trustee to the Regional Board of Schools in Du Page County. Jeremy believes a quality education, in part, reduces criminality in our communities. By giving children and young adults the tools needed to succeed and increase future legitimate work opportunities, they will become less likely to fall into poverty and turn to drugs and alcohol abuse as a means of escape.

Like most heroes with a cause, Jeremy is one with many rich personal experiences which contribute to his professional aptitude. As such, his aim is simple – seizing any good opportunity to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. Like many of us who have lived a little bit of life, he knows first hand what adversity and vulnerability feels like.

Jeremy brings this compassion with him into practice every time he sits down with a client. His demonstrated ability to deliver the best possible outcome for his clients makes him a true asset to our legal team. Jeremy’s favorite quote is by Vince Lombardi, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it whether you get up.”